Grand Lenormand Part 5 (roughly translated from French)

In this post I start the section of the book with the interpretation of the cards in the suit of Diamonds. In other news, the other book I ordered (also in French) arrived this week, so I can start doing some comparisons, but I don’t want that to color this translation work, so I’ll refrain from posting any of the comparative data until after I finish this current work. Enjoy! Ace of Diamonds [Group: The Unforeseen] This card represents good news in terms of business. Interesting propositions, fruitful projects, and … Continue reading

[Part 2] Grand Lenormand (…in rough translation, continued)

[Part 1] – [Part 2] – [Part 3] This is a continuation of my (rough) translation of a French book concerning the Astro Mythological Lenormand, AKA “Grand Jeu de Mlle. Lenormand.” I’m posting this directly from MS Word, so it may not look terribly pretty, but hopefully it’s at least functional. Once the project is complete (in the far distant future, lol), I hope to post it as a singular PDF file. This posting covers the Ace-Four of Clubs. Interpretation of the cards: Ace – 4 of Clubs Ace of … Continue reading

[Part 1] The Grand Lenormand (…in rough translation)

[Part 1] – [Part 2] – [Part 3] Finding information in English on the unique deck known as “The Astro Mythological (Grand Jeu) of Mlle. Lenormand” is quite difficult. However there are several books out from France that do cover this particular (and peculiar) deck. I’ve decided to put my decades old minor in French to the test to try and render a passable translation of one of the more popular books out there on this subject: Le Livre du Grand Jeu de Mlle. Lenormand; Les 54 cartes et leurs … Continue reading

Galaxy Nexus – It’s okay, I guess…

But it’s certainly a far cry from the wonderous smart phone I was hoping it would be.  Yeah, the functions are pretty cool and all, but jeebus, it drops a lot of calls!  This thing must have just about the worst antenna ever!  Before now, I’ve never had a dropped call before – ever, except when I’m on the road out in the boonies/mountains, travelling at a high rate of speed. This thing drops calls while walking around in my small, corner apartment (ie – two walls are exterior walls – … Continue reading

Busy with projects, gaming, and holidays!

So I’m still behind in blogging.  I’m just hoping to get at least one post a month now, whereas I used to try for 2 or 3 a week when I first started.  I just can’t seem to find that much time anymore. Lately I’ve been spending far too much time in Skyrim, reading a pretty good book, working on my tarot music videos, and trying to get ready for the holidays.  I’ve also been spending far too much money on expanding my tarot card collection. I’ve also been acquiring … Continue reading