Grand Lenormand – Part 9: 5 – 8 of Spades


5 of Spades [Group: The Zodiac]

This card represents misunderstandings which provoke problems in most sectors [of life]. It announces that with some effort, you can ameliorate [improve] the situation.

The Letter A
: Autonomy, Ambition, Mastery

Floral Arrangement: Yellow Carnation, Raspberry, Arum
Interpretation: Your current preoccupations are purely artistic and aesthetic. You have good reason to allow yourself to go where the climate is most favorable for you.

Large Subject: The centaur Chiron, killed by an arrow, is metamorphosed into the sky as Sagittarius.
Interpretation: You have a tendency to rest on your laurels. Laziness or a lack of ideas will make your chances pass you by. You have the possibility to pass on your knowledge, if you do what is required.

Bottom Right Subject: A young man walks with a weight in one hand and wings on the other.
Interpretation: You must fix yourself once and for all. Stop changing your mind ceaselessly. Additionally, you risk suffering significant barriers and obstacles on the emotional level. Finally stabilize yourself.

Bottom Left Subject: A hunter without game.
Interpretation: You are in a period of blockage where nothing makes you smile. Success was expected, but the time was not for you. Be patient and don’t look to force your destiny. In time, luck will smile on you.

Constellation: Dorado [Southern Hemisphere]
Interpretation: It represents some guidelines may change in the future.

Overall Interpretation of the Card
Like Chiron, accidentally injured and dying, you must learn to protect yourself from your surroundings. Caution is therefore recommended in all domains. Be attentive and protect yourself well in this period of difficult trials.




6 of Spades [Group: The Trojan War]

This card represents a deception, a reversal of fortune. It announces that you will not be rewarded for your efforts, not to mention the delays in your affairs.

The Letter R
: Combativeness, Provocation, Impatience

Floral Arrangement: Poppy, Yew [Juniper], Cotha [no known translation – most likely a misspelling of Caltha; buttercup]
Interpretation: If you currently resent the need to distrust someone, if you doubt and cannot confide in your friend, follow your instincts.

Large Subject: The wooden horse enters the Scaean Gates of Troy, followed by warriors.
Interpretation: This card represents betrayal, deception. It puts forth the victory of a cunning ruse. Therefore, you’re at risk of being a victim of a conspiracy or a trick. Beware of well concealed conflicts.

Bottom Right Subject: Pyrrhus on horseback.
Interpretation: Don’t think all has been written. You can obtain many things you desire without it being simple fate. In any event, you are in a period of personal satisfaction.

Bottom Left Subject: Breseis kneels at the bedside of the deceased Patroclus.
Interpretation: You’re going through a quarrel or conflict that involves all of your energy. Know that nothing happening now is your fault. Unfortunately you are suffering the consequences of an error committed by others.

Constellation: Serpens [The Serpent]
Interpretation: It often represents deception.

Overall Interpretation of the Card
Like the Trojans who find themselves beaten by the warriors, you are also at risk of suffering a defeat, unless you manage to turn the situation to your advantage. In any case, be well on your guard and never cry victory before you have attained your goal.





Seven of Spades [Group: The Hermetic Science – Alchemy]

This card represents secret fears, doubts, and internal conflicts. Additionally, it represents depressing times and great sadness.

The Letter A
: Action, Creation, Unity

Floral Arrangement: Oats, Peony, Rose Cactus (“Bastard Rose” Pereskia grandifolia)
Interpretation: If you wish to pass something by Mr. Mayor for his approval, you can make everything official. For now you manage your future.

Large Subject: The alchemist introduces the raw materials into the philosopher’s lamp.
Interpretation: This card often represents a young, black boy. But additionally, it announces and represents a union, a happy marriage, whether personal or professional. All of your projects can be realized.

Bottom Right Subject: A young woman talks with a worker.
Interpretation: There is someone in the shadows who secretly loves you. This person trusts you entirely and in the future. You have a tendency not to see those who have a certain fondness for you.

Bottom Left Subject: A young woman leaves her village.
Interpretation: You have a decision to make. You must take time to think, even if you believe you’ve found the right path. You have every chance to find yourself in a winning position.

Constellation: Cetus [The whale]
Interpretation: It brings the realization of hopes.

Overall Interpretation of the Card
Like the alchemist who is rewarded after putting all of his hopes in one operation, you too can make wise decisions which will lead to true success. With a little patience, thought, and perseverance, success will come in the end.




Eight of Spades [Group: The Trojan War]

This card represents obstacles, fractures, disputes and dilemmas. It brings difficult discussions where an impasse is predicted.

The Letter M
: Hardness, Stubbornness, Commitment

Floral Arrangement: Orchid, Candytuft, Safflower
Interpretation: You will rediscover your morale, your health problems will disappear completely. A positive field of vibration protects you.

[A note on taraspic/teraspic: Iberis sempervirens or Aurinia saxatilis Note: the French name Taraspic or Teraspic has a common name “Corbeille-d’argent”, which translates basket of (money, silver, gold) – anyways, it appears that the botanic name it is most often associated to is Iberis sempervirens, a silver leafed, white flowered plant known in the U.S. as candytuft]

Large Subject: Achilles drags the corpse of Hector in front of the walls of Troy.
Interpretation: This card declares war. Therefore, do not expect any kind of respite. This battle will be long and dreadful. Your opponents won’t do you any favors. Low blows will even be delivered in plain view.

Bottom Right Subject: The bones of Pelops
Interpretation: You will surmount fate and vanquish all obstacles presented before you. You’ll even be able to count on the aid of a woman who will be of great help to you.

Bottom Left Subject: Andromache near the tomb of her spouse.
Interpretation: You will learn some very bad news. You must remain calm because this situation is truly not good. The result of this news is mourning.

Constellation: Perseus
Interpretation: It recommends absolute distrust.

Overall Interpretation of the Card
This card is very negative, it is a warning against the wickedness and stupidity of people. But it is also a card of sadness and often foretells of death. Finally, it additionally warns you to beware of eventual health problems.


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