Non-Mystical Mysticism

This is  a difficult topic to write about – not so much in that it’s controversial or just plain bizarre – which it may be, but it’s difficult to explain it in a way so that it doesn’t sound quite as odd as most people would probably think it sounds – ok, well I’m not making much sense anyways, so here goes.  First of all, for any of this to make any kind of sense you have to have a good background in Occultism (esp. Hermeticism), Philosophy (esp. Objectivism), Cosmology … Continue reading

The Next Big Thing

I just finished watching a re-run of the Charlie Rose show where he was speaking with a reporter from the New Yorker, Ken Auletta, about the future of technology. It was kind of interesting, Ken definitely had a better grasp on the topic than Charlie did.  One comment in particular really caught me funny.  They had been discussing the prospect of Google entering into the wireless/cellular spectrum and charlie said something to the effect, “…since when has advertising worked on a cell-phone.”  Clearly missing the point – Google wouldn’t be … Continue reading

Sci-Fi and Heroes

Well two topics seem to be pulsing around the blogosphere lately:  Wherefore art thou Sci-Fi MMO?   Is there Hope for a SciFi MMORPG? : From Ancient Gaming Noob Why Fantasy? : From Terra Nova Shut Up. We’re Talking #18: From Virgin Worlds/Common Sense Gamer  And Joseph Campbell bashing.: The Heroes Journey Sucks : From MMOG Nation 8 Reasons Why the Hero’s Journey Sucks : From io9 Topic 1:  Why so much fantasy and so little Sci-Fi One thing I disagree with on some of the comments folks have made regarding the lack of Sci-Fi is the misconception that Sci-Fi is … Continue reading

My Thanksgiving In Retrospect

Well I had a great thanksgiving visiting my folks and family.  It’s a 600mi trek, but it’s a nice drive through scenic Southern Utah and seeing the relatives is always fun.  There were a few faux pas… My oldest sister wasn’t able to make it because she had gotten sick at school this week (she’s an Elementary School Teacher.) So that was kind of a bummer – especially since we get along with each other quite well.  Hopefully I will see her at Christmastime later this year. I’m planning to … Continue reading

Requiem for a Gay Man

Over the course of the last couple of years I’ve been pulling together music from my collection to create a “Requiem for a Gay Man.” I’m not really sure why I started this project, I think I was getting nostalgic and sentimental about some of the folks I’ve known and lost over the years. Knowing I myself didn’t want to have a “traditional christian” style funeral – esp. since I’m an atheist and about as non-traditional as you can get when it comes to religious stuff, I wanted something uniquely … Continue reading