February is here

I don’t have a lot of new news to report.  I’m still looking for “a real job,” while I’m otherwise occupied trying to keep my IT skills in shape by updating my own websites, learning how to better use Flash & ActionScript, learning Blender and animation skills, etc.  I haven’t been doing much gaming at all, mainly just using Oblivion to test out my “Blender Blunders.”   I’ve also been working a bit more on my photography and writing, mainly by doing a “Picture A Day” project on my Facebook page … Continue reading

Adventures in Blunder… I mean Blender…

So it’s been awhile since I’ve tried my hand at 3D modeling and animation.  I started way back when on my trusty Amiga 2000 when I ran a bunch of different 3D goodies (VideoScope 3D, Calligari, imagine, etc – I couldn’t afford LightWave, but a friend of mine had it). Since then I’ve also tried 3DSM and Maya at local “night school” type environments – I can’t afford those either. I could afford POV-Ray, and actually built quite a few “still scenes” with that tool.  But now I’m trying my hand at Blender.  Mainly … Continue reading

Digital ICE – so so performance

I’ve been using the new scanner intensively the past week or so.  For the most part it has been great, but when it fails, it fails big time on the “Digital ICE” feature that is supposed to clean up old, possibly damaged photos, slides, negatives, etc.  Besides the problems with ultra rocky settings, it also seems to do odd stuff when there are a lot of leafy trees or rippled water shots.  It just over smooths those things and turns them into blocky, artifact filled pictures, which is unfortunate.  Of … Continue reading

What “40 Something” Guys Want For Christmas

I saw this over on Yahoo today (What Not To Buy…), and since it didn’t really offer any solutions, I thought I would present my own.  I can’t speak for Mom’s or 40ish women so much, so I’m not even going to try that, but since I’m nearing my 45th birthday, I figured I could help out with the Dad type gifts. These are not in any particular order, just what popped into my head while writing. Gift Certificates – especially to Amazon.com, Home Depot,  Best Buy, or even a … Continue reading

Family Archive Project

I’ve been pretty busy laying the groundwork for this project. The photo scanner is scheduled to arrive early next week, and I’d like to have a process of some kind worked out by that time to get the photos/slides scanned, tweaked if needed, and uploaded to the web-host with supporting data added to a database of some kind. So I’ve been working on the web backend that will include the photo loader and data entry forms.  I’ve also created a database with a few tables to support the data that … Continue reading