Netbook Gaming

This article got me thinking (again) about my ultimate portable device.  Which really is just a cross between a netbook, a PSP, a cell phone, and a video camera.  What I really want my ultimate portable to be able to do is (in order of importance):

  1. Play games really, really well – esp. MMO’s so wireless/cellular internet is a MUST, and TONs of storage would help too – or just mega Flash memory cards (aren’t SDXC supposed to theoretically hold up to 2TB according to EEE docs? – so just let me interchange those for whatever set of games I wanna play)
  2. Be a great media-player: MP3’s, movies, etc.  
  3. GPS – be my navigator in the car
  4. Allow me to hook up a USB, Firewire, or bluetooth camera (maybe clip it on the brim of my baseball cap, I duuno) so I can snap some pics or take some video.
  5. Let me hook up a USB/Bluetooth, whatever, headset that can dual-purpose as cell phone and a teamspeak like device.
  6. In a pinch, allow me to check my email or post to my blog, but typing/texting is DEAD LAST on my “must do” list – The “main input” should allow me to play games really well: Left hand = WASD navigation + several programmable “quick keys,” Right hand = built-in trackball mouse. 

Honestly. The technology is already there – just gimme one of the these already!

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