Key Web (re)Design Objectives

I’ve been working in the web development/coding sector for about seven years or so and I’ve noticed a few recurrent issues that  crop up when creating or redesigning a website: Ease of Use.  Including navigation and readability.  ADA tags/formatting and other helpful tags.  Including the ability to adjust the font size as well. Adherence to information mapping guidelines and “the crow memory” rule I learned way back in high school psychology (basically that people tend to get flustered/confused if more than 7-10 items are presented to them at one time).  Consistency of Presentation. … Continue reading

“Web 2.0” vs. “The Web”

So I’ve worked in the web development business since 2003, and have been online using “the ‘net” since before “the web” was even around – and I’m sorry Al, you did not invent the internet, nor the web so please quit taking full credit for something you barely participated in.   Anyways, in my travels and travails one term keeps popping up: Web two-point-oh.  Which is just silly to me.  As a developer, I’ve used these supposed “2.0” technologies since the get go, and as far as I’m concerned they’re just part of … Continue reading

DDO F2P . . . (sort of)

With the new “Free To Play” (F2P) release of Dungeons & Dragons Online (DDO) I thought I’d check it out last night, and actually it was a bit of fun.  It had been so long since I’d logged into the game though, that my old characters were gone.  Not that I ever played them for very long anyways, but it might’ve been nice not to have to trapse through the tutorials.  Although it was probably a good idea for me to go through them again to re-familiarize myself with the … Continue reading

Labor Day post-op

I had a nice gaming Labor Day.  I started the weekend out with some Champions Online, and I think I’ve scratched that itch as much as I care to for now.  Don’t get me wrong, it IS is good game, but I’ve never really glommed onto the super-hero meme.  I mean, my favorite super-hero when I was a kid was Dr. Strange, and he’s really more like a mage than a super-hero.  I’ll probably re-visit the game very irregularly, like I used to do with CoX, and I’ll probably drop … Continue reading

Well, hmmm.

I’ve tried several characters in  Champions Online, and none seem to be able to hold their own after level 11-13 or so.  So I’ll probably be spending most of my weekend back in EVE since I can pretty much do whatever I want in that game on my own without needing others to progress.  At least in CoX I got near level 20 or so before it was impossible to solo.  Apparently folks were able to solo until the massive patch the other day, so much for that.  Unless I … Continue reading