[Part 3] The Grand Lenormand (…in rough translation)

In this third part I present the translations as best I can from the original French pertaining to the 5 of Clubs to the 8 of Clubs. I hope you will find the information useful, enjoy!

5 of Clubs [group: The Trojan War]
Founded on solid financial footing, this card represents hope for the future. A partner could help you make some money, unless they’re an heir [of yours].

The Letter T
Represents: Emotion, Imagination, Duality

Floral Arrangement: Pistil [Lit: pistil of a flower – Hibiscus?], Etamine [Lit. stamen of a flower – Amaryllis?], Lime/Linden
Interpretation: Your morale may take a hit [cut], because you cannot realize your projects. In the artistic domain, you just need to suffer a little simple patience.

Large Subject: Protected by Venus[Aphrodite], Paris abducts Helen, wife of Menelaus.
Interpretation: You risk becoming a victim of an abuse of trust following contact with disreputable people. Your property, happiness, or situation is under threat. But this card may equally represent the risk of broken [lit. ruptured] emotions.

Bottom Right Subject: Agamemnon walks in discussion with Menelaus.
Interpretation: Currently you have some profound feelings of vengeance darkening you. It would be best to calm those feelings in order to move on to other things. Inner peace is welcome.

Bottom Left Subject: Helen, alone in front of an open book, implores the gods.
Interpretation: Are you being true to your feelings? This is the whole question, do not confuse love, desire, tenderness, or even friendship. Personal introspection seems indispensible to finding yourself.

Constellation: George’s Harp [No longer recognized – according to Wikipedia, near Taurus]
Interpretation: It announces love with a capital L!

Overall Interpretation of the card

In abducting Helen, Paris commits an act of treason. Pay attention that you are not betrayed or violated personally or professionally. You must remain as absolutely vigilant as possible.

6 of Clubs [Group: The Trojan War]

This card represents rewards and bonuses of all kinds. At the same time it announces inevitable tensions within your relations among others.

The Letter H
Represents: Ambition, Determination, & Opportunities

Floral Arrangement: Geranium, Yew
Interpretation: Stop doubting your abilities, Be more positive and you will start winning. It’s important to have confidence in yourself.

Large Subject: Paris and Menelaus are on the verge of singular combat. Two sheep are about to be sacrificed.
Interpretation: Do not bow your head to protest injustice. Take time to prepare your counter attack and let your opponent go on the offensive. In this way, you can expect reconciliation.

Bottom Right Subject: Ulysses and Diomedes steal the Palladium [from the city of Troy]
Interpretation: You will overcome all current obstacles. Your energy is so great that it completely crushes your opponent. So you have everything in hand to reach your goal.

Bottom Left Subject: In a moment of solitude, Achilles plays the lyre.
Interpretation: You feel sad, alone, and isolated. You must not remain in this state, otherwise you will run yourself right into depression. Change your thoughts, do not sit alone. Watch your health.

Constellation: Arcturus [a.k.a. Bootes, The Shepherd]
Interpretation: It often represents solitude/loneliness.

Overall Interpretation of the Card

Like Paris and Menelaus, you must face a situation that requires clarification. Don’t succumb to anger or violence, but instead remain calm and serene. This serenity will benefit you in settling this affair, and also for the future.

7 of Clubs [Group: The Zociac (lit. The Order of Time)]

This card represents the need to closely follow your projects. It requires effort and a certain amount of knowledge before being led to success.

The Letter G
Represents: Willpower, Efficiency, Concentration

Floral Arrangement: Hibiscus [China Rose], Weeping Willow, Chestnut
Interpretation: A new arrival takes a large step into your love life. If you’re alone, there is a chance that this will change very quickly. One will also speak of you.

Large Subject: The God Pan transforms into Capricorn to escape from the giant who climbs [to] the sky.
Interpretation: If you have artistic talent, you will encounter success very quickly. You will owe it to yourself to move and travel for great pleasure. This card represents a promise [lit: a pledge] of elevation and success.

Bottom Right Subject: A worker holding tools [lit: a worker holds in his hands some tools]
Interpretation: You’re truly very clever with your hands, it seems that your creative potential will drive you straight to fame, but beware, there’s one condition – to renounce wealth.

Bottom Left Subject: An oven with flames coming out.
Interpretation: Even if one flatters you profusely, beware, nothing is ever won in advance. Do not allow yourself to fall asleep, especially if you’re promised fame and fortune. Ask for some time to reflect and make a decision.

Constellation: Orion [The Hunter (That’s really supposed to be Orion? LOL)]
Interpretation: It brings doubts and uncertainty.

Overall Interpretation of the Card

The God Pan counsels you to obtain what you want by means of your seductive talents. But remain very cautious in the negotiations; do not hesitate to act tactfully and gently. Stay well on your guard.

8 of Clubs [ Group: The Hermetic Science – Alchemy ]

This card represents the anxieties of financial planning. A project is at serious risk to play out as double or nothing. The financial situation is not great.

The Letter D
Represents: Determination, Efficiency, Tenacity

Floral Arrangement: Marjoram (Basil? Oregano?), Pistils & Stamen
Interpretation: Finally, you reap the fruits of your labor and efforts. You are, in all ways, productive and radiate an immense joy that makes you generous.

Large Subject: The alchemist between two containers indicates the contents that are fixed and those volatile.
Interpretation: This card always marks the desire for affectionate or friendly relations. If you wish for marriage [lit: union], your desire will be realized without major problems. Loneliness will soon give way to a happy marriage [lit: union].

Bottom Right Subject: A container with the solid matter, given voluntarily distant from the volatile. [Taking for granted its distance from the volatile]
Interpretation: Your marriage [couple] is going through turmoil and tension. Nothing too serious to fear, all couples go through this. By contrast, if this has been going on for awhile, there is a real risk of separation [rupture].

Bottom Left Subject: The solid and volatile matter are mixed in the same container.
Interpretation: You are very lucky because happiness brightens your marriage [couple] and your daily life. All current friendly relations evolve in joy, good humor, and harmony. Take full advantage of these sweet moments of pleasure and tenderness.

Constellation: Ursa Major – The Big Bear [the Big Dipper makes up part of the Big Bear]
Interpretation: It gives mastery over the emotions.

Overall Interpretation of the Card

Between the solid and the volatile, the alchemist seeks and finds harmony and equilibrium. It will be the same for you if you manage to find a good combination, whether material, professional, or emotional. In all ways, all forms of union without exception will be favorable for you.


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  1. I have just started using this deck! Your interpretations are so helpful! Does the book explain where their information comes from? Just curious.

  2. I’m not sure what sources he uses – there’s no bibliography in this book. He (Jean Didier) does have a couple of books out on the tarot. I was hoping another book I have on order (also in French) was going to show up this week, so I could make some comparisons, but it’s still in transit from Europe. I’d love to get my hands on an English book that was printed in the early 1970’s, but it’s difficult to find.

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