[Part 4] The Grand Lenormand (…in rough translation)

In this, the fourth part of my attempt at translating from the original French, I present the cards from the 8 of Clubs to the King of Clubs. In my next installment, I will begin working on translating the next suit; Diamonds. Until then, Enjoy!

Nine of Clubs [Group: The Golden Fleece & The Zodiac]
This card represents good financial prospects. Richness in all areas and particularly in associations with a prosperous partner.

The Letter I
: Passion, Idealism, & Inspiration

Floral Arrangement: Red Clover, Hellebore (Lenten Rose), Moss
Interpretation: Prudence is recommended in these times where you have a tendency to exaggerate and waste. This is not a good time for gambling or financial risks.

Large Subject: Hercules fights against the Lernaean Hydra. At the same time, a crayfish sent by Hera pricks his heel. [Note: In the second labor of Hercules, Hera actually sends a crab (Cancer) which Hercules crushes under foot during the battle w/ the Hydra]
Interpretation: If your current situation isn’t very good, you now have every chance to realize your ambitions. If you’re currently very well off, you may find that you need to settle some minor problems.

Bottom Right Subject: A miser counts his coins.
Interpretation: You’re in a situation where you are going to find yourself facing some small financial problems. A loan will surely be welcome. It’s time to call in a few favors [lit. play your supporters], they will be of great assistance.

Bottom Left Subject: An Indian selling dates.
Interpretation: You are in a prosperous period which permits you to realize your most secret desires. Success smiles on you. You can allow yourself to begin your most ambitious projects. The outcome will be beneficial. [Lit. The profits will be advantageous.]

Constellation: Hercules
Interpretation: It announces a large availability [of funds]

Overall Interpretation of the Card
Like Hercules continuing to fight, even when Hera sent her crab, you must bravely face the tests and obstacles presented to you. It’s only through your will and courage that you will find your ability to obtain success and rewards in your affairs.

Ten of Clubs [Group: The Trojan War]
This card represents a large return of money that may occur in an unexpected way. It signifies a changing cycle bringing luck in all matters.

The Letter O
: Volition, Obstinance, Comprehension

Floral Arrangement: Rasele [?], Pineapple Flowers, Nicotiana [Flowering Tobacco]
Interpretation: Beware of your surroundings. It seems that you are surrounded by too many people claiming sincerity and devotion. These people may be harmful to you.

Large Subject: Ulysses & Diomedes outside the enemy camp after stealing Rhesus’ horses.
Interpretation: Currently, if you undertake a risky adventure, you must be like a true warrior, combative and determined. If you lack the courage, stop immediately, you cannot succeed.

Bottom Right Subject: Patroclus wounded by Hector, falters.
Interpretation: You think you have almost made it to your goal. Beware and cautious that something unforeseen may try to dissuade you. An unexpected shock may disturb you.

Bottom Left Subject: A pretty bunch of grapes.
Interpretation: You will win the battle, but it’s not over yet since you still need to negotiate with skill and diplomacy. Keep all of your strength and energy for a brilliant conclusion.

Constellation: The Unicorn [Monoceros / La Licorne]
Interpretation: It represents difficulties finally surmounted.

Overall Interpretation of the card
Like Ulysses and Diomedes, you must face rivalries with flamboyance, obstinance, and composure [lit. cold-blood]. You alone are master of your actions and you can never blame someone else. Make no mistakes.

Jack of Clubs [Group: The Unforeseen]

This card represents a businessman who has great ambition. It often also represents a dark, young man under the age of thirty.

The Letter K
: Power, Volition, Impulsiveness

Floral Arrangement: Carnation, Moonseed, Scarlet Pimpernel
Interpretation: You exude peerless romanticism. With the temperament of a true blue flower, you radiate a natural charm. Your gifts of seduction are put forward.

Large Subject: To arrive first, before Atalanta, Hippomenes drops three golden apples.
Interpretation: This card represents a dark young man, active and persevering. He must use his charm and ingenuity to resolve a difficult situation. It’s the only way he can succeed in unlocking the situation.

Bottom Right Subject: An old man tries to seduce a pretty young woman with fine promises.
Interpretation: You will need to employ any tricks you know, even throwing dust in the eyes of certain people in order to succeed in your pursuit. You have no other choice to be heard.

Bottom Left Subject: Venus passes by in her chariot drawn by birds.
Interpretation: You have within you the very simple means of charm and seduction, so use them. Take a chance, especially if you’re romancing someone because it’s far from a lost cause, quite the contrary.

Constellation: The Horse [ Pegasus? ]
Interpretation: It brings a great power of inspiration.

Overall Interpretation of the card
Like Hippomenes, use cunning and ingenuity to defend yourself or assert yourself. But remain always vigilant that you don’t fall into dishonesty. All the same, this card will always give you the inspiration needed to achieve your goal.

Queen of Clubs [Group: The Unforeseen]

This card represents fortune and success in both the professional and emotional life. For more precision, adjacent cards will give more detail.

The Letter F
: Adaptation, Equilibrium, Responsibility

Floral Arrangement: Pistil & Stamens, Honeysuckle, Quatre Saisons Rose (Damask Rose)
Interpretation: Don’t be surprised if your wished for results don’t meet the height of your ambitions. It seems that you have not thoroughly done enough work.

Large Subject: The three Hesperides in full discussion, keep the tree with the golden apples.
Interpretation: This card represents a dark-haired, intelligent woman with a love for money. She must better learn to manage her money, because she is often very wasteful. She must also learn to discern between true and false friends.

Bottom Right Subject: A very elegant young woman with a fan.
Interpretation: You will meet some people in a group or club that will match your ambitions completely. You will be well known and your talent will be promoted very quickly.

Bottom Left Subject: A panther sees himself in a mirror.
Interpretation: You have a strong tendency toward careless behavior. You obey your selfish and capricious manners. You must change this way of acting to grow in other areas.

Constellation: The Pleiades
Interpretation: It announces an essential need for reflection.

Overall Interpretation of the card
The Hesperides often represent a woman in your life; a daughter, sister, friend, or possibly your wife. This very sympathetic woman will undoubtedly be fully available for your pleasure.
[lit: This very sympathetic woman will bring to you without any doubt all her availability for you to be pleased.]

King of Clubs [Group: The Golden Fleece]

This card represents a generous and honest man that easily earns his living. Often it represents a man with dark hair over the age of 40.

The Letter G
: Efficiency, Volition, Analysis

Floral Arrangement: Corn Poppy, Basil, Plumbago
Interpretation: This period is favorable for meeting with a businessman or patron. You’re knocking on all the right doors to find the assistance you need.

Large Subject: Blinded by the gods, Phineas, king of Thrace, dictates the route for the Argonauts while the harpies steal his food.
Interpretation: This card represents a mature, dark haired man. An excellent counselor, he surmounts anything that might be painful for others. This is a wise man that can help you and get you back on the right track.

Lower Right Subject: A dove nears the Symplegades (clashing rocks) that lead to Colchis.
Interpretation: Caution is recommended if you have to take a trip or relocate. You are at a stage where you must closely monitor the beginning of any new enterprise or association.

Lower Left Subject: The dove has passed through the Symplegades (clashing rocks).
Interpretation: If you have scheduled a trip in the coming days, you’re likely to have a very good time. It will be the same for any new enterprise which will be crowned with success and rewards.

Constellation: Frederick’s Glory [obsolete – composed of stars in Andromeda & Cassiopeia]
Interpretation: It foretells new certainties.

Overall Interpretation of the card
In the same way that Phineas indicates the route for the Argonauts, a man you know is ready to help you. It could be your father, brother, a friend, or even your spouse.


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