Grand Lenormand [Part 6] 5-8 Diamonds

Here is the next installment of my translation, I think I’m getting a bit better with the translation work as I progress, so that’s good. I’m also thinking about re-creating this deck with proper floral and constellation attributions, but that’s a long way off. Once I get this translation project complete, I’ll revisit that possibility. Enjoy!

5 of Diamonds [Group: The Zodiac]

This card represents rewards and the promise of success in business affairs. It emphasizes your ability to rise to all challenges.

The Letter B
Represents: Possessiveness, Ability [lit: Facility], Irregularity

Floral Arrangement: Clover, Clove Tree Flowers, Coral Necklace (Illecebrum paronychia)
Interpretation: You’ve asked for advice. You have a mistake to correct today. Accept a compromise, it will allow you to regain your position.

[Note: There is some disagreement whether Giroflee actually translates as Cloves, or just a flower that smells like cloves, like the carnations, gilliflowers, pinks, or even some geraniums, wallflowers, or stocks]

Large Subject: Facing Scorpio, Phaeton drops the reins of the Chariot of the Sun.
Interpretation: This card represents imprudence and carelessness. Therefore, if you lack courage, it is absolutely necessary to be strong enough to face defeat. But it’s not a reason to make hasty decisions.

Bottom Right Subject: Two women argue.
Interpretation: You have a tendency to speak before you think. Try to better manage yourself because your work could suffer consequences and your chances for success could be compromised.

Bottom Left Subject: A policeman sits at a table.
Interpretation: Justice is the order of the day. In effect, you’ll likely be annoyed by problems relative to the law. Contact with the justice system may disturb you for some time.

Constellation: The Chameleon
Interpretation: It represents an obvious lack of lucidity.

Overall Interpretation of the card
Like Phaeton who loosed the reins of pride, you are in error. Do not wait for control to return to the situation at hand, act quickly if you don’t want to lose your goal. But do it with tact and modesty so you don’t find yourself embarrassed later.

6 of Diamonds [Group: The Unforeseen]

This card represents success in your projects, if you make necessary corrections and follow through in your affairs. Be prudent even in contract.

The Letter M
: Stubbornness and difficulty expressing yourself.

Floral Arrangement: Heather, Rhododendron, Strawberry with leaves
Interpretation: If you have been the target of rumors, slander, or gossip, all will be in order eventually. This experience will teach you to be less trusting.

Large Subject: A mongoose in the jaws of a crocodile, to gnaw on his heart.
Interpretation: This card has a bad reputation; it represents perverse characters, treacherous and negative. It can unmask a criminal or an enemy. But the crocodile also symbolizes an ordeal which permits you to grow.

Bottom Right Subject: A falling star [or a Comet?]
Interpretation: You should change who your dating, because they’re not bringing you anything good. One could even say they’re depraved and preventing you from growing. Unfortunately, your habits are no better in this area.

Bottom Left Subject: A woman plays the guitar while a man plays a drum.
Interpretation: You may have a disgruntled couple in your surroundings, also some distrust because you may assume some indiscretion has been committed. Be vigilant and keep your distance from mere acquaintances.

Constellation: Medusa
Interpretation: It represents danger that may come from all sides.

Overall Interpretation of the card
Don’t be like the crocodile that allows the mongoose into his mouth without thinking about the consequences. Instead, protect yourself against anything and anyone. Beware of couples who lie to you or want to seduce you, they can hurt you gravely.

7 of Diamonds [Group: The Unforeseen]

This card represents success in all areas. It stimulates your vital energy grants you the necessary concentration to succeed in your affairs.

The Letter L
: Versatility, Demands, Obstinance

Floral Arrangement: Love in a Puff (Balloon Flower), St. John’s Wort, Hellebore (Lentin Rose)
Interpretation: You lack clarity. Those you thought of as close friends have stolen your ideas and your projects. Profit by it now by working together.

Large Subject: The wife of Epimetheus, Pandora, opens the box.
Interpretation: If you’re having problems, you can soften it simply by avoiding passing the time recollecting your failures. This card invites you act quickly, instead of dreaming. No more idleness, it’s time for action.

Bottom Right Subject: A desperate man
Interpretation: You are in a difficult transition. Nothing is favored, not love, not business, nor money. Therefore, you must wait before trying to fix things, under pain of seeing it get out of hand very quickly.

Bottom Left Subject: A beggar
Interpretation: You are in an extremely difficult transition, nothing is favored, not love, not business, nor money. You must avoid trying to fix anything, under pain of seeing it broken beyond repair.

Constellation: The Vulture [now known as the Lyre]
Interpretation: It announces new hopes.

Overall Interpretation of the card
Pandora disobeyed by opening the box, which allowed all of the miseries that hinder our daily lives to escape. Do not commit the same reckless error, listen to advice before acting. Take time to verify in detail each case before entering into or engaging it.

8 of Diamonds [Group: The Zodiac]

This card represents a roadblock to ongoing activities. It also represents an impasse which you need to break in order to leave and continue anew.

The Letter A
: Enthusiasm, Willpower, Initiative

Floral Arrangement: Chrysanthemum, Gladiolus, Silphium [cup plant; silphium perfoliatum]
Interpretation: You don’t like changes to your daily life. However, the time to come will bring you a transformation that you will need to confront head on.

Large Subject: Ganymede presents ambrosia of the gods to those around him.
Interpretation: Take a good look at those around you, because a good friend or benefactor is looking to make you an offer that would allow you to achieve your ambitions. A position promised to you may become available. [lit. unblocked]

Bottom Right Subject: A studious young man.
Interpretation: You must take an internship or some training before you seriously embark on a new project. If you don’t get the appropriate training, you may find your chances going up in flames.

Bottom Left Subject: A teacher working with children
Interpretation: You must not let go of your hold, because in the end you will reap the fruits of your labor. Although the beginning may have been laborious, you will successfully find the means of pulling yourself up to a reasonable place in society.

Constellation: Musca [originally “The Bee” – but it has since been changed]
Interpretation: It represents good intuition.

Global Interpretation of the Card
Like Ganymede who acquired immortality thanks to the protection of Zeus, listen closely to those who offer you interesting propositions, because they are likely to lead you to real success. Thanks to your qualities and efforts, you will rapidly obtain an honored place in society.


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