Grand Lenormand Part 5 (roughly translated from French)

In this post I start the section of the book with the interpretation of the cards in the suit of Diamonds. In other news, the other book I ordered (also in French) arrived this week, so I can start doing some comparisons, but I don’t want that to color this translation work, so I’ll refrain from posting any of the comparative data until after I finish this current work. Enjoy!

Ace of Diamonds [Group: The Unforeseen]

This card represents good news in terms of business. Interesting propositions, fruitful projects, and building solid foundations for current affairs and those to come.

The Letter S
Represents: Cleverness, Independence, Creativity

Floral Arrangement: Reeds, Purple Loosestrife, Rose
Interpretation: A new beginning awaits you on the professional or emotional level, after traversing a very difficult to manage period. It’s worth patiently waiting for.

Large Subject: Harpocrates seated on a lotus hands a letter to Mercury.
Interpretation: You’re going to see your ambitions realized, possibly in connection with writing or travel abroad. However, caution is recommended. Keep watch over all of your secret projects, and if you need to bring someone into your confidence, choose well.

Bottom Right Subject: Anubis, an Egyptian God, watches over some papers.
Interpretation: If you must appeal to someone to be your messenger, you can have every confidence in them, they will not betray you. They will remain discrete on all counts with any confidence you make with them.

Bottom Left Subject: Argus, the giant with a hundred eyes, reads a letter.
Interpretation: Wisdom is recommended in your projects, you have a tendency to talk too much about what you’re doing. Learn to stay quiet and don’t talk about your business until it’s done. Additionally, beware of your indiscretions.

Constellation: Telescopium [‘The Telescope’ – another ‘modern’ constellation]
Interpretation: It announces displacement of all kinds.

Overall Interpretation of the card
Like Mercury who represents change and communication, you will receive important messages about your future. Keep everything secret, divulge nothing before the final agreements. Some messages will be very positive, others somewhat less.

2 of Diamonds [Group: The Unforeseen]

This card represents partnerships in business or private life. It announces success and a positive outcome in connection with several people.

The Letter P
: Discretion, Independence, Calm

Floral Arrangement: Yellow Violet, Gentian, Buttercup
Interpretation: You’re living in the past. It’s time for you to let go of those things that cause you too much nostalgia, because it’s slowing you from your true potential [lit.your current evolution].

Large Subject: A child riding on a goat. [most likely Zeus and Amalthea, less likely; Cupid and Pan, since the card is about child rearing (not sensual desires), and Amalthea gave suck to Zeus]
Interpretation: This card represents fertility and motherhood. It could also announce the birth of a business or simply that of a child. It awakens sensual and natural pleasures.

Bottom Right Subject: A young woman in front of the Marsh Fairy. [ ? a fairy god-mother]
Interpretation: If you’ve made mistakes, providence will fix things quickly. Soon there will be more danger of failure for you on the horizon, but you will find you can continue safely on your way.

Bottom Left Subject: A young woman in front of Eugenia, the goddess of pregnancy. [Most probably Eileithyia, Eleuthia, Ereutija – Greek goddess of childbirth & midwifery]
Interpretation: If you’re not married, a child may be born in your home. This birth may cause you some minor material or availability problems. You may find yourself confronted by some embarrassment.

Constellation: Pisces
Interpretation: It announces a period of good luck.

Overall Interpretation of the card
This card represents birth and warns against unwanted pregnancies. It would be good to take some time to think about your future and that of this child. It’s the same if you have business projects; reflection remains a major asset before you begin [lit. engage].

3 of Diamonds [Group: The Zodiac]

This card represents great success in future projects, if they are conscientiously established. At the same time you will need to expend a lot of energy.

The Letter E
: Mobility, Curiosity, Expression.

Floral Arrangement: Ivy, Thorn, Mock Orange, Rosemary
Interpretation: You spend too much energy day dreaming about romantic adventures. Even if they concern you, give it up [lit. take a pass on this cross].

Large Subject: Castor and Pollux, twin sons of Leda and Zeus hold hands.
Interpretation: Despite a profound union or friendship normally foolproof, you’re going to go through a real crisis with difficulties to overcome. A difficult time, but not impossible to get through safely, it all depends on you.

Bottom Right Subject: A man on a horse.
Interpretation: Due to a broken heart, you will take a little trip to clear your head and forget your sadness. Additionally, you may find you need to take a business trip.

Bottom Left Subject: Two palm trees, side by side, but not touching each other.
Interpretation: The palm represents and symbolizes solitude. You may not be able to come together, whether on the personal or professional level. You will be sailing for some time in a type of sadness.

Constellation: Gemini
Interpretation: It represents uncertainty in what to do.

Overall Interpretation of the card
Like Castor and Pollux, you may go through some difficult times in your love life or friendships. But know that there’s nothing impossible in the future. A good star can always be there to give you relief.

4 of Diamonds [Group: The Golden Fleece]

This card represents difficult decisions to be taken in the professional, personal, or financial domain. Don’t rush it.

The Letter O
: Willpower, Obstinance, Comprehension

Floral Arrangement: Nettles, Judas Tree, Bryony
Interpretation: You will most certainly find someone who will help you enormously in a very difficult time in your life. New connections will likely be made.

Large Subject: Medea the enchantress, in love with Jason, gives him a package.
Interpretation: This card represents very powerful protection. It tells that the person who loves you will likely bring you wealth and possibly drive you toward your aspirations.

Bottom Right Subject: Jason throws powder at the dragon
Interpretation: Currently, you are in full possession of your faculties an sure of yourself. You’re right and you know it, success is at hand. Don’t ask questions and remain self assured.

Bottom Left Subject: Jason faces a furious bull.
Interpretation: You doubt, even worse, you have fears and frights. They’re not justified because your problems will rapidly resolve themselves. Fear nothing and reprove yourself, save your energy for the victory.

Constellation: Cygnus [the swan]
Interpretation: It represents luck and providence.

Overall Interpretation of the card
Like Jason who is protected by Medea, you will also be protected by a person with a lot of friendship or sympathy for you. Even if you have some difficulty, don’t feel down, keep your self confidence, these problems will be of short duration and cannot directly affect you.

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