GW2 One week away

So me and the rest of my guildmates are getting pretty excited about GW2 (Guild Wars 2), and it’s going to be a reunion of sorts.  Many of the members have been split between various games recently; SWTOR, Rift, LOTRO, EVE, etc.  But GW2 looks like it will be bringing most of us back together – at least for the opening weeks.  I’m pretty much sold on a long-term GW2 adventure, with occasional forays back to my “mainstays” of EVE and LOTRO.

So far, I really like what I’ve seen in GW2.  In fact, all of the Beta Weekend Events (BWEs) were silky-smooth experiences for me, even with graphics turned up to the Max setting.  It wasn’t until the stress tests that things started going south for me, mainly in the graphics area (tears and disappearing landscape) – so hopefully those were just artifacts of the nature of the stress tests (crossing fingers).  As a guild, we’ve already switched servers once, and it looks like we may have to switch again over the opening weekend.  We all loathe waiting in queue times, so if our current server has unreasonable queues (20+ mins) we will definitely be moving.

As for me, I know my “mains” are going to be a Char Guardian and a Sylvan Mesmer.  If they ever bring the GW1 Ritualist into GW2, that will immediately become my main! My least favored classes were the Thief and the Ranger, which somewhat mirrors my least favored GW1 classes of Assassin and Ranger. Although I didn’t really like my Warrior in GW1 either.  My favorite GW1 classes were the Ritualist (by FAR), Necromancer, and Mesmer. I tried the Necro in GW2, but for some reason it just didn’t click with me.

Anyways, I’m definitely looking forward to the release of GW2, and I even took some extra days off later in the week to make a extra-long Labor Day weekend – I hope the game is stabilized by that weekend. We’ll see.  And maybe I’ll see some of you out in the wilds of Tyria – Enjoy!

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