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Ok, ok.  So really the Lemegeton is an occult grimoire, so I should maybe once in awhile post something about the occult.  Like I said in my “About” section, I’m fascinated by all things mythological (including those myths considered to be “religions” in today’s modern world).  So I thought I’d update on a lot of new arrivals to my personal library over the past few months. 

I’ve bought a few new Tarot decks – I collect these things like some people collect bells, shot glasses, or what-have-you.  My newest acquisitions (usually from our great local resource “Lifeways Books“) are:


  • Liber T  (An even more “stylized” deck inspired by Crowley’s Thoth deck)
  • Morgan Greer (which ended up being a duplicate, I couldn’t remember I had this deck since I hadn’t unpacked my entire collection since moving here last April – just the decks I use once in awhile)
  • Dali I’ve always wanted a copy of this deck, and since it’s recent re-release I was able to get it for a decent price.
  • Da Vinci A new deck inspired by Da Vinci’s art. 

I’m looking to get a good version of the old “Swiss” and “Marseilles” deck as well, but Lifeways doesn’t have them in stock, so I may have to go the Amazon route – again…



I think that’s it – quite a bit of stuff actually.  Anyways if I ever get around to it I may write some reviews or at least some passing thoughts about these various tidbits. And if you’re getting here early, you may want to check back later in the day when I get all of these titles linked (probably to Amazon, ‘cuz I think they carry all of this stuff too and I don’t think Lifeways has them all in stock at the moment.  But I do try to buy local first, then I hit up Amazon, LOL.

Anyways, like I’ve said many times over, I’m pretty much an atheist/objectivist, but I find this stuff really interesting and for some reason it just screams “Make a Magick MMO” where all this stuff really “works,” LOL!

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