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Well, that title is kind of deceiving ‘cuz it’d probably take something the size of a novel to really describe all the stuff you can do and how to do it in EVE.  But I do have some great links to things that everybody playing EVE should know about, especially when it comes to mission running, mining/selling ore, and playing the markets.  I’m not putting in a PvP section ‘cuz I’m a total newb there, but here is a very well written intro if you’re intrested in getting into EVE PvP. Since EWAR can be used effectively in group Missions I’ve added a link to Ryysa’s EWAR guide in that section.

1) Running Missions

First thing you need to know about running missions is that they require agents.  Agents work for various NPC corporations in EVE.  The more missions you run for a particular corp, the higher level agents you open up for that corp, and thus; better/higher level missions.  So in a few words, you need to pick an NPC corp that you want to run missions for and stick with it.  Some corps are more widely distributed than others, so you may want to do a little research on those you’re interested in – OR if you know what zones you’re going to be playing in, you can look up agents using the oh-so-useful EVE-Online Agent Finder (which every self-respecting EVE player should have in their EVE related Bookmarks folder).  You’ll also want to check out the EVE Forum entry on Ship Set-Ups. And for a preview of what to expect in your missions, you definitely want to take a look at the EVE-Survial: Mission Reports.

2) Mining

There are several paths to the mother lode.  But every miner really is looking to eventually get into a Hulk.  And if they’re really insane, I mean efficient, they’ll also multi-box or have really good friends to haul and boost/enhance them (which requires a hauling ship and a command ship, respectively).  There are three main resources I use all the time when I get back into “mining mode:”

3) Playing The Market

This can be simple or complex. The main piece of advice I have for you here is to make your “base of operations” near where you can jump to several regions in as few jumps as possible.  That way you can get your market info for several regions and sell/buy across several regions in as little time as possible.  A great tool to assist in planning your “travelling salesman” agenda is the (old) downloadable EVE Trader application. Apparently there is a new “EVE Trader” out there, but the link is not hosted on an “always on” Internet connection, so best of luck getting your hands on it.  It’s discussed in this EVE forums, and looks to be potentially much more up-to-date. Another good resource is this Guide to Trading, which starts out with a nice “short-story” style introduction.

Well I hope that helps out some of my fellow EVE pilots!  Be safe, and make sure you’re wearing a clean pod – you never know when it might be seen. Enjoy!


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