They say it’s your birthday!

Well, it’s not really my birthday, but the Lemegeton blog is one year old today!  My first ever post, So I got a blog, now what… started it all.  I’m still wanting to post other topics besides gaming, but then I wonder if that wouldn’t “ruin” whatever kind of ambiance I’ve already generated.  meh.  For now, I think Lemegeton will probably still focus on gaming experiences.

The traffic is low, but steady, which is kind of what I expected. Traffic has been pretty stable between 250-500 views per month, with a HUGE spike last November when Hellgate first came out.  My busiest day ever was 261 hits on Nov. 8 2007 when I first posted my “how to” concerning the HGMG. That month topped out over 2,000 total views. Compare that with a “Total Views of all time” of only 5,200 and you get the picture. 

I’ve made 109 posts (~2 per week) and generated an anemic 26 comments (not counting nearly 400 spams). I’m going to keep blogging, mainly because I find it somewhat relaxing to write out my thoughts once in awhile, even if they are somewhat trivial.

Occasionally I’ll hit on a subject that seems to generate a lot of hits – usually people trying to find a solution to a problem that I’m also looking for a solution for.  I try to post the answers once I find them (like how the Hellgate Mini-Game works, or helpful EVE Online stuff, or how Amazon finally “fixed” their WAR beta-key issues).  I try not to get too “smarmy,” but sometimes I’m pretty frustrated about a problem and I just let loose.

As for future plans, I’m sure I will be blogging a lot about Warhammer. It looks like I will be playing that title for awhile unless something drastically bad happens in the mid-game mechanics. I’ve also got some posts “waiting in the wings” for me to finish up. Two are “how to” posts; one on making FRAPs style videos, and another on how to make your own tarot deck. And I’ve got a “philosophical” post that touches on a few things that “came up” while I was reading a book on atheist spirituality – where I believe the author not only missed the target, he didn’t even hit the broadside of the barn – LOL.  

Ok, well I guess that’s enough rambling for this blog entry! But I had to say something in honor of Lemegeton’s “Birthday!” Hope y’all have a great weekend and maybe I’ll see some of you in WAR! –Enjoy!


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