Blog Moved

Well, it appears that I have successfully moved my blog over to my matching domain.  Dunno why I waited so long.  I’ve actually had this domain name since the late 1990s and I started blogging on WordPress over five years ago.  As a “web-guy” you’d think I would have moved a long (LONG) time ago.  But, from what I’ve seen in ‘the biz,’  many web professionals never get around to working on their personal sites much unless they’re out of work and trying to put together a portfolio 😛  It’s … Continue reading

Grand Lenormand in Translation – Part 11: Ace – Four of Hearts

Hmm – Well I goofed up the image for the Ace of Hearts, not exactly sure what happened there, but you get the idea [NOTE – somehow the move from fixed the image for the Ace, cool!] – now on to the translation: Interpretation of the cards: Hearts Ace of Hearts [ Group: The Unforeseen ] This card represents the home, the couple, or the family. In addition, it declares new loves or strong relations in the future. The Letter Z Represents: Organization, Power, Inspiration Floral Arrangement: Emerging rosebud, banana, boxwood … Continue reading

Super Busy!

Ok, sorry for not posting for nearly a month, but I’ve been busy trying to re-do my website and set up a new YouTube account, trying to get more translation done on the Grand Lenormand, and of course the regular day-to-day stuff, like work 😛 Anyways, I hope to have this blog moved over to my permanent domain/website sometime this week, and shortly after that I should have my next segment in the Grand Lenormand translation completed (the first four cards from the suit of Hearts). I’ve also been very … Continue reading

Denied in Record Time!

A denial so quick I think my head is still spinning!  So I made my third submission attempt with iStockphoto, and quickly received my third denial e-mail.  I submitted my photos a little after 10PM and got my denial notice by 10:20PM!  WOW! The feedback was basically that all of the pics were too similar in composition.  And in iSp’s defense, they were all ‘tabletop’ type photos.  At least I didn’t get dinged on technical aspects, which is where I’ve been having some issues (focus, lens aberrations, etc.).  And all of the pics … Continue reading

Amazon Prime not so great in 2013

I don’t know what’s happened to Amazon since the beginning of 2013, but their normal level of service is way, WAY below par compared to the past decade+ that I’ve been a Prime subscriber.  I (easily) spend over $10k/year with Amazon Prime for the last ten years, and nothing like this has ever happened on such a consistent level.  Sure, they’ve dropped the ball a couple of times, but every order I’ve made since January (45 orders in all) has been botched in some way.  Usually it’s shipped late, sometimes very … Continue reading