Dropped Amazon Prime

I never thought I’d do it, but after today’s terrible service, I just can’t see paying a premium for sub-par service. So I’ve stopped my ‘auto-subscribe’ to Amazon Prime.  And it hasn’t been just a one-off experience.  Ever since the beginning of 2013, AmazonPrime has been far LESS than the Prime service it used to be, as I’ve mentioned before. Today, I made four orders before 8AM (over $500 worth).  From past experience, I know all of these items are being shipped from nearby hubs (Phoenix, Las Vegas, Reno, and … Continue reading

Grand Lenormand in Translation – Part 12: Five – Eight of Hearts

Here is my next installment of my translation from the French meanings for these cards. As always, anything in [ brackets ] are ‘aside notes’ where I comment on odd turns of phrase or other translation issues where it’s not clear what the meaning is. In any event, I hope you find the information useful. The next installment (hopefully in the next week or two) will finish off the card meanings. After that, there about 10 pages describing a few methods of divination with the cards, and then the translation … Continue reading

Simple Product Shot – How To

For my simple product shot, I tried to use only things that I think most folks would have readily available, without having to buy anything special: Inexpensive Point-N-Shoot Camera Flash Diffuser Material (coffee filter, paper, tissue, etc) Flash Reflector (aluminum foil, small mirror) Backdrop Material (scarves, shawls, sheets, pillow cases, bath robes, etc) A way to drape your backdrop (I used a small table pushed up next to an overhanging shelf) And the ‘product’ (I just used a teddy bear for my example) My first shot, without any modifications – … Continue reading

Settling in…

The blog has been here at its new location for a week now, and things seem to be working the way they were back on wordpress.com.  They were able to migrate my stats, so I now have access to all of my statistics back to 2007 when I started this blog.  The new website seems to be stable, and my little experiments with AdSense and those Amazon Stores seem to be working. I’ve tried to make a couple more videos for my YouTube channel.  One was on macro photography and … Continue reading

A few bumps during the move…

Apparently when I moved the blog over to this domain I lost all my stats.  Bummer, since the blog has been around for over five years.  I did put in a help-request, but I’m skeptical that I’ll ever recover the stats from my old blog over on wordpress.com  🙁 In other news, I’m experimenting with doing some ‘How-To’ videos over on YouTube.  For now I’m concentrating on making some photography videos, but eventually I would also like to make some pertaining to gardening, web-design/programming, and maybe some occult topics.  I’ve … Continue reading