Denied in Record Time!

A denial so quick I think my head is still spinning!  So I made my third submission attempt with iStockphoto, and quickly received my third denial e-mail.  I submitted my photos a little after 10PM and got my denial notice by 10:20PM!  WOW!

The feedback was basically that all of the pics were too similar in composition.  And in iSp’s defense, they were all ‘tabletop’ type photos.  At least I didn’t get dinged on technical aspects, which is where I’ve been having some issues (focus, lens aberrations, etc.).  And all of the pics had good composition, but they were too similar in composition.  I also took a big risk in submitting a ‘pet photo,’ which is a huge ‘No-No,’ but I couldn’t resist, it was such a good photo!  At least I didn’t get the dreaded ‘too snap-shot’ line this time.

Now I have to wait 2-weeks before I can make another submission.  In a way that is a good thing, since I will be on vacation for a week visiting family up in Utah.  Unfortunately I won’t have time to visit any of the gorgeous State and Natl. Parks there, but I think I will still have some good photo ops there.

Here’s what I submitted to be denied in record time!

Acoma Pots
These are authentic Native American pots from Acoma Pueblo. I purchased these several years ago when visiting ‘Sky City.’

This is my cat, Persephone (Percy). I took this awhile ago, and never submitted it because of the ‘No Pets’ rule for iSp, but I’ve always really liked this photo, it really stands alone in my many hundreds of cat photos – I have three cats, so I take lots of pics of them.

Road Runner Kachina - Navajo
Finally, this is an authentic Navajo Kachina Roadrunner doll.  I bought this, along with several other Navajo kachinas, many years ago from an Indian market when I lived in Albuquerque, NM.

Oh well, off to Utah I go. Maybe I’ll figure this photo/microstock thing out eventually, but at this rate I’ll probably be retired from my “real-job” before I get accepted anywhere 😛

Hope y’all have a great Easter – Enjoy!


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  1. Wow! I really don’t get it! All 3 are really great photos, and I would think they’d be useful in the collection. Mystified.

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