New Project: Scanning Old Photos

I’m gearing up to dive into a huge project at home, digitizing a sizeable photo-archive.  This week I’m planning on ordering a scanner build just for photograph scanning, an Epson Perfection 600.  I’m really hoping the “Digital ICE” is as good as reported.  Some of the slides, negatives, and photos I’ll be scanning do have some damage, so I’m very hopeful that this built in corrective software can really do what it’s claiming.

In the mean time, I’m trying to convince my mom to give me full access to all the pictures around her home, they’re scattered throughout her house in boxes, folders, memory books, framed-hanging on the wall, etc.  So it will be quite an undertaking.  I have some books or other written materials that have simple Xerox type copies of photos, so I’d really like to find the originals and get those scanned in as well.  I’d also like to convert some/most/all of that written material into a digital format as well, so it’s a nice feature that this Epson scanner also has OCR capabilities.

My goal for an end result would be to build a webified digital archive for our family history.  There are a couple of other sites out there already, but they’re not very comprehensive, nor do they have the web design background that I will be able to bring to bear on the project.  Eventually, I’d like to partner with the existing sites to make them all easier to navigate and provide a bit more cohesion to the whole family archives.  We’ll see how it goes. I know of two sites out there already:

Anyways, that’s what will be keeping my time tied up for quite awhile.  Hopefully it will go smoothly once I get into a groove with the project. I hope all your endeavors are working out well, Enjoy!


New Project: Scanning Old Photos — 2 Comments

  1. This has been one of my Round Tuit projects for about a decade. I made a couple false starts early on, but the hardware/software didn’t live up to the hype. I’d be interested to hear about how the Epson works out for you.

  2. The scanner is scheduled to arrive on Dec. 14. I’m trying to arrange the workspace and figure out a good flow. Prelim shots with my old scanner (which can’t do slides, nor does it have any image correction) can be found on my facebook…

    I did uses some minimal Photoshopping – sharpen filter, auto-tone, & auto-contrast. I’m really looking forward to the project. After reading more reviews on this scanner, I’m pretty excited – hopefully it will live up to the hype. I’ve got some pretty challenging photos that were taken by my great grandfather around the turn of the century, so I’m really hopeful it can “un-fade” some of them.

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