Microstock Round Two – Denied!

Since I’m new to this, I was pretty sure I was going to get denied again.  Mainly because I don’t shoot what they “need.”  What they need/want is people – people doing anything. Well, I generally don’t like people – that’s the whole reason my career path is IT.  I love helping people solve problems and I love teaching people new things, but I hate social situations and I despise “directing” or managing people.

So, as a photographer, I’ve always concentrated on landscape, architecture, gardens, and pets. Stuff that microstock houses are apparently overwhelmed with and don’t want.  They also don’t want artsy fartsy “fine art” shots, nor abstracts – two more of my favorite subjects.

Here are what I submitted for my second round to iStockphoto:

The above tree reminded me of a snake crawling up the building. The building is the CSN Library on the Charleston Blvd. campus in Las Vegas.

This is a cluster of quartz crystals sitting on a black onyx mirror.

And finally, another building on the CSN campus, I just kind of liked the whole color and rectilinear vibe going on here.

They’re all a bit abstract, which is probably why I was denied. Again.  Now the wait period is 7 days instead of 3, so I’ll have to figure out what else to try.  The feedback this time wasn’t as useful either – mainly too “snap-shot” and “not what we need, see our ‘need list.’ ”   Dunno about you, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen “snap-shots” like the above.  Oh well, on really looking them over, I can concede that they’re somewhat common compositions for photography students.

Guess I’ll try again in a week! 🙂  Hope your week is great! Happy Spring!


Microstock Round Two – Denied! — 1 Comment

  1. Those are great architectural shots, and I really love the crystal pic. (I have many crystals waiting to see the light of day from being in storage)
    None of them are ‘snap-shots’ ! Guess it depends on who receives the picks and their mood of the day…. Keep trying 🙂

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