I’ve been playing a bit of DAoC lately and trying to get at least one Hib and one Mid up to level 50.  I’m making pretty good progress on my Hib Ranger, I think I’ve got her up to 48 (along with a level 47’ish Warden ‘bot), so if I’m really persistent over the weekend doing quests and stuff, I think I can get her to ding 50.   Unfortunately I don’t know what all of those upper level quests are in Hibernia – I know in Albion once you get to 48, you can pretty much run a specific set of quests and after a few to several hours you’re 50.  So I’ll have to scrounge around on the web to see what I can round up for a Hib 48-50 leveling guide.

I haven’t been so good over in Midgard.  I think my highest character over there is a low-30’s Cave Shaman.  I’m sure he’ll probably end up getting more attention once I get my Hib-Ranger at 50.  I’ve also tried a few melee classes, and just haven’t found a good synchronicity with any of the mid support classes.  The only two ‘”bots” I found that I liked were Skald and Shaman.  Healers really couldn’t do anything besides throwing a heal out once in awhile and so-so buffs, shaman just make healers look like “teh sux” (unless you’re actively playing and grouping as a PAC healer) – as a ‘bot, the Healer didn’t bring any kind of easy damage dealing to the table (like skald insta-shouts, or single-key shaman DoT-N-nuke spells) nor any buffs that are more desirable than Skald chants or Shaman buffs.

Anyways, I’m also working on an article about how to make at least OK in-game movies using tools like FRAPS and stuff.  Hopefully I’ll have that done sometime over the weekend as well. Looks like it’s shaping up to be another busy, but hopefully fun weekend.  Enjoy!

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