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I’ve been very busy trying to get my stuff growing and also helping out with getting other projects taken care of around the “homestead.”  Yesterday I finished setting up an irrigation system out in the orchard.  It still needs a few tweaks, but I think the “hard part” is pretty much done.  That being getting the irrigation valve manifold connected to a timer and water source – and then getting the rest of the piping hooked into the manifold.

On the gardening front, a lot of seeds have germinated, and have been sprouted for a week or two, but they’re sure being slow growing into their “true leaves.” Those are the second set of leaves that appear after the seedling leaves.  The only seedlings that have “true leaves” so far are the datura.  I thought the Hyacinth Beans would be getting theirs soon, but so far they’re still on their “baby leaves” – even though they’re also the largest plants in my group of seedlings. 

I’ll probably be moving them (the hyacinth beans) into a planter box, which will be their permanent home for the summer.  Once in the box, they will be set between the fence-line and my Mom’s gazebo.  I may have to attach some wire fencing for them, so they can more easily get to, and climb up the latticework on the gazebo. Hopefully I will get that project completed over the course of the upcoming weekend.  I’m also thinking about sneaking some Scarlet Runner bean seeds in with the Hyacinth Beans – I’m undecided there, but I’ll probably do it just to see how it goes.  

On the gaming front, I’ve been playing a little Warhammer online with a local buddy of mine, and we’ve been hitting the “Land of the Dead” pretty regularly when our realm, Destruction, has won access to it anyways. I’ve been playing my little gobo’s for the most part, a Shaman and a Squiggie.  They’ve shaped up to be my favorite classes so far.  Probably because both are excellent soloers.

On the job front, I still haven’t heard anything on the Sedona job I put in for and there isn’t anything local showing up.  I’m hoping to meet with the coordinator for Snow College’s continuing education (night classes) next week in order to prep some classes for this coming Fall. I’d like to get her advice on which of the several courses I’ve been working on might attract the most students.  And of course, I’m learning all I can about the plant nursery business – which I wouldn’t be able to start until the 2011 growing season, and that’s if everything goes swimmingly.

I hope all is going well in your world this early Summer and that all your plans are coming together. Enjoy!

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