Blog Milestone: 10,000 Views

Hard to believe, but my blog has been viewed 10,000 times! WOOT! 

This has been a pretty lackluster gaming week – but have spent a few hours in BattleForge and I also peeked in on my EVE Online characters to see how their training was coming along.  I’ll probably drop in on Warhammer Online tomorrow. 

I’ve been goofing around over on my facebook page, mainly adding friends here and there and creating more “flair.”   I also finished up planting my planter boxes earlier in the week and the seeds are already sprouting, so that’s cool.

I also attended an “esoteric” meet-up group, and that was interesting.  I’m so conflicted, LOL!  See, I don’t “believe” in mysticism of any kind, be it magick or religion, but I find the topic utterly fascinating.  So anyways, I’m glad that I was able to attend and didn’t get rocks thrown at me or anything 😀  I did share a number of the tarot decks that I collect, and the group was appreciative. 

And I got a new sphere this week. I collect rock spheres – I blame my Mom and Dad for that.  Dad was a geologist and one year when he and mom went to the big rock & mineral show down in Silver City, NM, they returned with several, very nice looking spheres – and I’ve also been hooked on them ever since. I tend to get mine from “The Rock Shed,” where I’ve felt I’ve always got great stones for a very reasonable price.  Anyways, I just got a nice 3″ quartz sphere this week – what’s normally called a “crystal ball.” 

Anyways, I hope your week was easy and that your weekend is turning out grand! Enjoy!

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