I’m not dead…

But it’s just been very odd while I’m in this “limbo state” between jobs and permanent living arrangements. Plus the PC is in an upstairs, non air conditioned room, and with our near 100F temps, it’s just not very comfortable to sit and type for any length of time under those conditions.  Anyways, here’s some updates.

I do get into Warhammer, usually each evening for a couple hours at least, and I’m still having fun there, but I’m really starting to get a craving for EVE, but I’ve promised myself not to go resubscribing to any more games until the employment situation is resolved. 

On that note, I have had a couple nibbles, although the most promising position is one up on Provo, Utah, but a job is a job.  Provo really isn’t my idea of a great place to live, in fact it’s probably one of the worst places I can think of, other than somewhere along the Gulf Coast.

On the gardening/nursery front, quite a few things are growing well, but I won’t have anything truly marketable until the 2011 growing season – and if I get a job up in Provo, I’m not sure how that will influence my long terms plans on that venture. I really want to move forward on this venture, but if I stay near the greenhouse/growing fields, I’ll have about a 2-hour commute up to Provo and back each night – ugh.

I hope things are going well in your world, and hopefully things will work themselves out in mine.  Enjoy!

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