A week of death…

Man I can’t believe how many public figures have been lost this week!  It’s just weird.  Ed McMahon, Farah, Micheal, and Billy Mays.  OY!

In other news, I’ve been palying around with my new camera and posting pics over in my facebook album. I’ve also been going through some of my more “historic” photos and creating albums for those. 

As for gaming, I’ve twiddled around in LOTRO and mainly been turned off by it, yet again.  It still suffers from some design faults that are systemic to Turbine games – grinding, forced group gameplay; a total lag-fest in towns  (it’s even worse than it used to be!); and rubber-banding that eventually kills you due to “misadventure” (this was the last straw). So I probably wasted $30 re-sub’ing for 3 mos. Oh well…

I’ve have been playing a bit more Battle Forge – but that comes with its own set of frustrations.  I’m up to “Expert” level, which basically means it’s now really just a “game” to see how much aggravation you’re willing to put up with before you rage-quit your “gaming” session.  Plus I’ve pretty much exhausted the selection of cards and am impatiently waiting for some kind of update that will either add more cards to the current edition, or offer a whole new edition of cards.  But I haven’t seen any indication of when such an offering might be forthcoming, so I’m not too optimistic that it will come any time soon.

On a completely different note, I was finally able to attend the local writer’s “meet-up” group. I’ve been too busy, or forgetful, to make it to one of these meetings for the last few months, so it was nice to get involved again. And it’s always been a great meeting to get my creative writing juices going again. 

I hope your week goes smooth and take some time to have some summertime fun! Enjoy!

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