OMG it’s June!

I don’t know where May went, but it sure didn’t seem to last very long.  Getting used to the new town and new job, and getting my old house sold probably had a lot to do with time seeming to fly by. As for the blog, here come the stats:

Top Five Posts:

  1. Hellgate Mini-Game and other goodies (As usual, has been #1 ever since I posted it)
  2. Eating in Prescott (A brand new post this month!)
  3. Hellgate London vs. Guild Wars
  4. How many MMO’s have you played?
  5. Enter the Maelstrom of Mining

My posts on Eating in Prescott and Rock Opera have been getting quite a bit of traffic in the last week, however – and both are currently outpacing my Hellgate Mini-Game and other goodies post, but dunno that they’ll have the longevity that the Hellgate post has had. Only time will tell.

May’s Gaming calendar has been mostly devoted to EVE Online with small excursions into Lord of the Rings Online. I’ve been making a ton of ISK mining in EVE with my new configuration , so I started up a third (!?) account just for hauling, which I can easily “pay” for using EVE’s ingame ISK for game time code exchange thingy-ma-jig. I also bought Unreal Tournament 3 and played it for about an hour… I really only got it thinking that someday I’d learn to make mods with it… ya we know how that goes…  And I flew around some more in Flight SimulatorX with tileproxy – I really need to get a dedicated internal drive to save all that scenery to as it downloads – then I’ll think about making some fraps vids with it.  OH, I did make one Fraps vid and uploaded it to YouTube – just to make sure I knew how to do it. It’s just a shot of media player playing Vicious Pink’s “Fetish.” Nothing fancy, like I said pretty much just a proof of concept thing to test things out.

Musically I “discovered” what I call “Rock Opera.”  And have been downloading several albums from Amazon to saite my hunger for this new (to me) sound. I really like it a lot and can see all kinds of opportunities for “epic” style music videos using fraps to capture in-game action.  Similar to this, only better – hehe. More like this one, made a few years ago in DAoC (graphics are dated – I think it’s from 2004 or so – Aladora made some of the best “in-game” videos I’ve ever seen).  If “Classic” servers included “Old Frontiers” I’d go back to DAoC in a heartbeat – Best MMO w/ PVP ever made. Too bad Mythic screwed it over with Atlantis and “New Frontiers.”

Plans for June are mainly getting more comfortable with my new job and town – so far I’m really enjoying it! In gaming, I’ve got a few things I’m considering.  Some of my friends have gone to Conan, but I’m not terribly interested in doing that – although the screenshots and in-game footage I’ve seen look really nice! Another bud is trying to convince me to re-join City of Heroes, but I’m not sure I can do that again either. So I’ll probably just continue my EVE mining with side jaunts into LoTRO.  Enjoy!

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