Packing n stuff

Well I’ve been very busy trying to get ready for the move.  I’ve thrown out a ton of old papers and clothes and am hoping to have a garage sale this coming weekend. OY!  So much stuff to do in so little time.  I still have no idea where I’m going to be staying once I arrive in Prescott.  I’ll probably look into some apts. this week.  I’m just hoping my house will sell quickly so I can get into another house over there.  I’ve got way too much crap to fit it all in an apt. Oh the stuff you start to collect once you get a house! Oh my! 

I’m hoping to have most of the front room and kitchen completely packed up by the end of the week – a lot of “knick-knacks” and then dishes that all need to be wrapped and stuff, so that will take quite awhile to get all packed away.  I’ve also made a “survival list” of things not to pack too deeply so they’re handy once I arrive in AZ (things like the coffee pot, mug(s), allergy pills, etc).  Next on the list to pack will be the study with it’s TONS of books – oh joy, and then the computer room and the bedroom last.   Hopefully all the packing will be done and I’ll be ready to get outta here in two weeks.  We’ll see how it goes. 

I hate moving in spring though, my yard is looking awesome and I’m already missing my gardens, ponds, and herbs and I haven’t even left yet! I hope I can get into another house with garden space before too long (crossing fingers).

OH well, hope your life is less stressful than mine right now!  

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