More Moving Prep.

I spent most of the weekend boxing up the rest of the bookshelves, which included all my “media” like; books, DVD’s, CD’s, cassettes, etc. Today I should be getting a bunch of packing paper (blank newsprint) to start working on all the doo-dads, chachkas, knickknacks, and other “stuff.”  If I can get that all done, then I think I’ll start on the kitchen. I’ve got a bunch of dishes to wash as it is, so I may as well do those and pack them up.  It’d be much easier if I had a dishwasher, I hate doing dishes by hand.

As for gaming, I think I played a couple rounds of Mahjong and I did actually login to Warhammer for a very brief run through tier 1 RvR with my Magus.  He seemed to do OK, but Magus is still an odd bird to play – not really the “glass canon” of most magic types, but still seemingly made of glass – more like a “glass rubberband gun,” flexible – but not a great damage dealer.  

And of course, I’m still doing some planning/dreaming about the whole nursery/flower farm idea. I’ve come up with over 100 plants that I’m familiar with and have grown before that I could use as a baseline for production. Now I need to see what kind of demand there might be for any of those plants. Esp. in the local area. But I’m strongly starting to think about developing a strong mail-order/internet side of the business, since I have a very strong background in creating retail websites.  I’m just a little weak on the shipping know-how.  Although I did do a stint working a shipping dock for an electronics company back in the early 90’s to pass the time while on a 6-mos lay-off from Natl. Semiconductor.  So I’m not completely wet behind the ears there…

For now though, the move is primary on my mind. And I’ve still got A LOT of stuff to get packed up and ready.  I also need to try and con some local peeps into helping me load up the truck when the time comes.  I’ve already lined up some help at the destination end.

I hope your weekend was amazing, and that the coming week is positive experience, Enjoy!

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