Whirlwind Busy

I’ve been interviewing for a new job during the past week (phone interview, then in-person interview in another state) so I haven’t been keeping things very up-to-date.  And today I got an offer!  Woohoo! So looks like I will be moving. I report to the new job/city/state in 4-weeks, so I’m going to be ultra busy packing, moving, unpacking, getting used to a new town etc. etc.  So I’m not sure how often I’ll be able to update the blog, but hopefully things will get back to some semblance of “normal” over the summer.  (crossing fingers).

Anyways, I did discover what my problem was with FRAPS not recording very well with FSX and Tileproxy – apparently an update to FSX distributes the computing across the cores if you have a multi-core processor.  So to fix FRAPS all I had to do was re-assign the various apps to their own cores instead of having them equally distributed and it all snapped into place.  For example, putting FSX & Tileproxy on one core and FRAPS on another if you’re using a dual core.  Not sure what you’d do if you have  a quad core, FSX and Tileproxy seem to have some kind of affinity and and seem to work best if they share the same core(s), but FRAPS can have it’s own. Anyways just thought I’d throw that out there for those having issues with jumpy FRAPS captures of their FSX post-game update…  I might be blogging from AZ instead of NM the next time I post!  Enjoy!

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