March Wrap-Up

So March was a very busy month for me personally, and I was able to keep up with the blog for the most part – woohoo!  Next month might be a bit more “touch-n-go,” but we’ll just have to play it by ear for now.  Here’s how the monthly stats stack up:

Most Popular Pages

  1. Home page with 199 hits, nice to know so many are coming in “blind”
  2. EVE Related – 172 hits, this is a roll up of my top EVE posts.
  3. Enochian Tablets… Building Your Own with 160, I have a huge update for this topic, hopefully I will get it posted soon!
  4. ScreenShots with 85, mainly for the EVE Ships
  5. Gardening Bug with 73, I expect with the new career that I will post many more topics in this subject area.

Overall the site had 825 hits for the month, somewhat better than the 625 I had in March of last year.  And speaking of last year, some of my main topics back then were my discontent with Warhammer, my mystification at social networking, catching the gardening bug, and otherwise goofing off.

Future plans:  Pretty much I’m still looking for a job and preparing to embark on a possible nurseryman’s career up on my Mom’s property in central (Sevier County) Utah. So that’s got me a bit worked up in the stressor dept.  Gaming has been severely whittled down to just Warhammer, and that will probably cease sometime in April or May when I move.

I anticipate the blog will probably suffer somewhat just before and after the move, but once things settle down a bit, I’ll hopefully return to some regular posting, although I’m expecting a fairly major shift in topics – more oriented towards gardening and growing stuff.  We’ll see. 

I hope all is going well in your neck of the woods, and have a great April and Easter/Eostar…wtvr…  Enjoy!

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