Busy weekend behind me

I actually got quite a few of the things done I talked about last Friday over the weekend.  I was able to goof around a bit in City of Heroes, I made a new character based on Dr. Strange (real original, eh?).  I also got a couple of levels on my robotics Minion Master villain. I wish they would offer a whole double XP week instead of just a weekend 😛

I also got some work on my game design document.  Really it’s a separate document writing up information through the “Lenses” of “The Art of Game Design.” I wrote up several pages through the first 5 or 6 lenses. I’m going to try and keep that up, writing my impressions of the game through a few lenses every evening.  Hopefully within a month or so, I’ll have something written for each of the 100 lenses.

I briefly hopped into EVE online, mainly to keep up my training paths.  Marko is one skill away from flying a Broadsword.  I did a little bit of probe scanning with Nab, but I’m still not getting the hang of it, or I’m just doing something wrong because I didn’t find anything at all. I think it’ll work better once I get my astrometrics skill up, he’s only at level 3 right now. Orobas got through some training, but unfortunately I don’t really have a well defined path that I want to take him down.  He’s already got all of the mining and refining skills I think I want – maybe I’ll start him down the crafting path, since I don’t really have any EVE ‘toons that can make anything useful… Hmmmm.

The “music video” project didn’t see much progress, but I was able to go through at least a part of “The 10 Commandments” and note where various highlights took place – things like the staff turning into a snake, the plagues of Egypt, the golden calf stuff, etc.  I also looked at “The Scorpion King,” which is totally useless. It’s not even Egyptian – and the historical “Scorpion King” was supposedly one of the first pharaohs of Egypt. Oh well…  At least I know there’s some good material in the Mummy movies and Stargate, which will be the next videos I use for inspiration.

And Finally, I was able to make it to the local Wordsmiths meet-up group for their initial meeting.  We quickly found out that the Raven is not conducive to having conversation, so the group is actively looking for another venue for the meetings.  High on the list were Wild Irises and the Library, but some others were also suggested so I guess we’ll see how it goes. Other than not being able to hear each other very well, I’d say the meeting was a great success and it was definitely fun to meet so many folks with a shared interest in writing.

I didn’t get hardly any chores done, so that wasn’t so great, ‘cuz now I have to do them through the workweek.  And that’s just no fun at all. About the only chore I did get done was some grocery shopping – yay!  I’ll have food, but I’ll have to wear my summer clothes ‘cuz everything else needs to go to the laundry 😛 

Hope y’all had a great weekend! If you’re in Indonesia, or thereabouts, enjoy the Eclipse today!

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