The Weekend Report

I actually got a few things done this weekend.  Of course not as many things as I would have liked, but just the same it was a fun and productive weekend.  I was able to finish “The Art of Game Design,” and spent some time getting deeper into “Creating a Life Worth Living.” I also did some work on the book that I’m writing. I think I will probably be spending more time on that project than the game for awhile, since I’m a much better writer than a game designer. And if I’m to retire on one of my talents, it would be far more likely to come from writing than design – although I’m a pretty good designer, if I do say so myself.  It’s just that out of those two strong points, writing wins out in the realm of probabilities.

As for gaming, I made several in-roads with my EVE characters’ training plans.  Marko can now fly a Broadsword, if he so chooses, and is now working towards a Claymore. Nab is working towards his Cheetah, and I’ve finally got Oro working on his manufacturing training plan. I also brought my “in bank” ISK over 200Mil, a first for me!  I would have gotten there faster if I hadn’t spent nearly 30Mil on the training book for Heavy Interdictors…

I also messed around in City of Heroes for a bit.  Mainly just goofing around with the character creator to try and make the kind of character models that I’d like to see in my own game.  It didn’t quite work out.  I think I’ll have better luck modding the existing character models from TES:Oblivion. We’ll see.

Hope your weekend was great and that your short workweek is awesome!  Enjoy!

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