Upcoming Long Weekend…

Well I won’t be doing any Valentine’s goofiness, I’m an old school nerdy gamer so I’m not allowed to have that kind of social life 😀 hehe. But I bet I will take a peek in on some of my game titles – esp. since all three of my EVE characters will be finishing up some major training landmarks this weekend.

Nab finishes Astrometrics 5 and will move on to Electronics Upgrades 5 so he can join Marko’s Hound in a Covert Ops Cheetah. Marko will finish up Propulsion Jamming 5 and then Heavy Interdictors so he can pilot a Broadsword. And finally, Oro will finish up Exhumers 5 since I didn’t know what else to train him in.  Next I think I will start him down the manufacturing path.  I don’t really know much about that at all, but it may prove useful eventually.  While all that training is going down, I’ll probably be doing quite a bit of mining so I can round up some quick ISK to pay for and outfit the new ships.

I think I will finish “The Art of Game Design” as well, and I may even get some more notes jotted down in my design docs.  Hopefully I will also make some reading progress with “Creating a Life Worth Living.”  We’ll see. I’d really like to get something creative done over the weekend as well, I’m just not sure what form it will take.  Writing or making a YouTube video are high on the list, but I may do something totally oddball, like just doodling or maybe some 3D modelling or who knows? Maybe even some photography?! 

I’m also expecting the last volume of Skinner and Rankine’s “Sourceworks of Ceremonial Magic” to complete my collection of the 4-volume set;  The Keys to the Gateway of Magic (it’s not the 4th volume, just the last book for me to acquire, since it had to be shipped from Europe). So I may see where that leads if it shows up on my doorstep.

So it may end up a pretty full weekend – or maybe I’ll just veg… 😀 Hope y’all have a great Long Weekned! Enjoy!

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