Snow is sticking this time

Well its been snowing all day and we’re finally getting some accumulation.  We’ve got our first blanket of snow this season – it’s only a couple inches so far, but if it keeps up with the big fluffy flakes, we may have quite a blanket by morning.  I’ve also been feeling a bit cruddy and I took the day off work today so I’ve been catching up on my reading “homework” regarding game design.  I’m about halfway through The Art of Game Design, and I’ve also been doing some of the creative exercises from the other book I’m working through; Creating a Life Worth Living.  It’s all meshing together quite well.

It’s been fun to just “stream of consciousness” draw or doodle and then to take some of that stuff and rework it into something that would actually be usable in my Egyptian themed MMO. The latest doodles included pyramids, so I may find something there worth using.  First I’ll have to learn how to use my 3D rendering SW.  Other SW I’m looking into is something I can throw my models into for simple “proof of concept” work.  Originally I was thinking of using the TES Construction Set from Bethesda/Oblivion, but other candidates include Unreal and Neverwinter Nights 2. I’ve got other games that have such “sandbox” utilities, but I’ve never used them before.  At least I’ve messed around with the others a little bit.  It’s pretty involved stuff for a beginner, but it’s also pretty cool once you get things created.   We’ll see how it goes. 

Hope y’all have had a great start to your week!  Enjoy!

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