Snow in Prescott…kinda…

So I’ve been through my first winter storm in Prescott, AZ.  It was kind of bizarre.  The snow really started falling last Sunday, Dec. 14 and pretty much kept falling until yesterday morning, Dec. 18th.  And it wasn’t just “flurries,” I was raised in Salt Lake and have also been in Portland, OR ice storms. This was a good, steady snow storm – which from my previous experiences should have laid down a thick blanket of snow at least 24 inches deep or more (in fact a staff member that I work with did get over 3ft. of snow accumulation at her house).  But what did we get in town? NONE!  None of the snow that’s been falling almost non-stop for four days ever built up any accumulation – even overnight it wouldn’t accumulate and it was usually blizzard like conditions – blowing, heavy snow, so you could hardly see across the street to your neighbor’s house kind of snow storms.  It’s the weirdest thing I’ve ever experienced with snow – and I thought thunder snow storms were weird over in Albuquerque! LOL!

Oh well, I’m not complaining too much – I didn’t get any “snow days,” but at least getting around town wasn’t any problem.  It’s sunny today and hopefully that will hold out over the weekend as I travel North to Utah. I’m keeping my fingers crossed – at least I know I’ll have a white Christmas up there!

In other news, I haven’t been playing too many games lately, but I do get to login to WAR once in awhile, and I got my mount for my Chosen, so that was cool.  I’ve also started investigating a Free MMO called Wizard 101 after reading about Saylah’s experiences with the game over on her blog at Mystic Worlds.  It’s been pretty fun – it’s different, but it I like it so far, plus it’s pretty low on the PC requirements, so I can easily play it on my laptop/EVDO connection while I’m visiting family over the holidays.

I did get an invite back to EVE the other day which includes 30-days free, so I may take them up on their offer since LotRO isn’t really scratching any itches for me anymore.

Still no progress on my “how to” videosand databases, and I know I won’t do anything with them over the holidays either, so those will be rolled over to 2009 as New Year’s resolutions I guess – hehe.  Anyways, hope y’all are planning on having a great holiday! And Enjoy!


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