Snow and more!

It started snowing last night and it’s been pretty constant all day, but again like most snowstorms we’ve had here in Prescott this Winter there has been little to no accumulation worth mentioning.  Very odd for someone like me who has always lived somewhere that if it snows for more then six hours or so, esp. at night, you’re gonna have to shovel come morning…  Even in Albuquerque, where snow usually melts the day after the storm, it will at least accumulate during the storm if it’s longer than an couple hours or so.  Not that I’m complaining, it’s just weird to me, hehe.

I just got home from the local bloggers’ lunch get-together and it was great!  A lot of folks showed up, so many that we’re probably going to have to find another venue for the next meeting.  I sat near a group of photography bloggers and that got me thinking about photography again.  I’ve had it in the back of my mind for awhile, but never have had the inspiration to get back into it.  Although in the last few months I have been looking at upgrading my film equipment to digital, but it’s still a pretty big expense. Maybe my tax refund will be enough to get a new Nikon body.  I currently have in my bag-o-camera-tricks a Pentax K1000 (every “real” photographer has to have one of those), a Minolta X-700, and a Nikon 8008 (for which I have the most lenses).  So I’d pretty much want to get another Nikon body so I could use my existing collection of lenses. Hmmmm.  I’ll definitely have to think that over a bit.  We’ll see. . .

The future house of my “dreams” would have a darkroom, an HO train room, an observatory with at least a 14-18″ cat telescope, a computer gaming room, a home theater, and a nice outdoor garden space, including a hot-tub.  All it’d take is a winning lottery ticket (or two), LOL.  I could care less about a kitchen – as long as it’s got a coffee maker, a microwave, and beer-fridge, I’d be happy. Hell, I’d probably just install a set of those appliances in each of the those other rooms anyways, so just leave out the kitchen 😀

I did get a little bit of gaming in this weekend, mainly just goofing around with Mystic PhD in City of Heroes so he could get his flight power (level 14), and some ISK earning mining over in EVE.  I’m just getting ready to do a little work on my own game design document and maybe later this evening I’ll work a bit on the novel that I’ve got cooking in the back of my head (and in several notebooks and files as well).  A member of the local writers’ “Meet-Up” group had a very interesting link to this article describing one author’s process to approaching and writing a novel.  It looks pretty interesting, so I may take a look at my own creative work through this process to see what comes out of it.

Hope your weekend was awesome and that your upcoming week is grand!  Enjoy!


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  1. Hi — twas good to meet you and glad you enjoyed the blogger do! It’s a rather interesting mix of people, though you landed smack dab in the midst of the photo freaks. Digital photography can be addictive, especially because it’s so dang cheap after the initial investment…

  2. Hey Rob,

    Ditto what GrannyJ said. It was a great gathering and your remarks about your camera in this post make me wonder how it would be to have a camera show-and-tell or even a swap-a-thon sometime.

    I looked into WordCamp and personally can’t make it to Paris for one… but here’s the link: WordCamp.

    See you next time! “Loosely Speaking”

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