Weekend Plans

I’ve got so many plans this weekend, I should probably take next week off!  hehe.  I’m going to try and take advantage of CoX’s double-XP weekend and  at least get a couple of levels there.  Although my buddy there has started yet another ‘toon, so maybe we’ll just be levelling up newbs.  I’d also like to get some serious updates to my game design document started with an eye towards answering the questions posed by the various Art of Game Design “Lenses.”  With that in mind, I’m hoping to at least get a start on a YouTube “music video” featuring a taste of what my game design is working towards. AND, there’s a local writers’ Meet-Up group that is having their inaugural meeting on Sunday, so I’d really like to go to that as well.  Plus I’d like to hop into EVE for awhile and mess around for a bit – I’ve got my EWAR pilot trained up to use space-probes now, so I’d like to go on a few scavenger hunts with him to see if I can figure out that style of game play.  All of that, and I still need to get all of my regular weekend chores done as well – OY!

Oh well, hope y’all have a great and fun-filled weekend, Enjoy!


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  1. That was the blogger meet, which I really wanted to go to but I had two flat tires – ARGH! Esp. since I really like Casa Sanchez, can’t wait for the next one!

    But this is a writers’ “Meet-UP” over at the Raven, here’s the details (you may need a free “MeetUp.com account) – it should be fun!


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