That’s a wrap (Dec and 2008 stats)

December is over as is 2008, so I guess I’d better get busy doing my stats. For December things shaped up like so:

Most Hits

  1. EVE Mission Running with 46
  2. EVE – How To with 35
  3. Snow in Prescott…kinda… with 28
  4. Preparing for Yuletide with 26
  5. Hellgate Mini-Game and other goodies with 18

Woot!  I think that’s a first for all of my top-5 entries being in double digits!  Total hits went down slightly from December a year ago, from 397 to 311.

The top search engine term was for “Lemegeton,” so I really ought to post some more on that topic some day.  Maybe I’ll make that a goal for 2009… Hmmm.  There weren’t any unusual search engine referrals, most had to do with EVE, holiday songs, or whether there was snow in Prescott.

As for gaming in December, I tried Wizard101 and I’m still in there as a subscriber – try it out if you’re looking for something a little different.  I also re-subscribed to EVE (here we go again!).  I’ve been doing mining for the past couple days and trying to remember where I was going with my training plan.  I’ve got three accounts in EVE:  miner, buffer, and hauler. I’m trying to train them to be able to do missions together as a: buffer(gang leader/augmenter), sniper(Missle Boat), and de-buffer(EWAR).  I’m not at all sure I can pilot three ships at once in a mission, but I’m game to give it a go at least.

I terminated my subscriptions to LotRO and WAR – although I’m sure I’ll take a peek at them again later in 2009.  LotRO was just too grindy and WAR was close to keeping me subscribed, but it wasn’t quite what I was hoping for. Mythic is pretty good about fixing things though, so I think WAR will be pretty awesome come Spring 2009.  Only time will tell.

For the whole year of 2008, my stats shaped up as follows:

Total Hits: 3,867  (nothing like the 100K+ of some other blogs, but this is my first year, and my topics are probably too wide to garner a lage, dedicated readership)

Most Hits

  1. Hellgate Mini-Game and other goodies with 862
  2. EVE – How To with 394
  3. EVE Mission Running with 268
  4. Warhammer – Amazon Woes! with 149
  5. Hellgate London vs. Guild Wars with 101

So all of my annual top-5’s hitting triple digits, woot! Hopefully I’ll have some quads next year – the EVE posts do get quite a bit of traffic, so they have the potential to get up there.

Top search engine terms for the year concern the Hellgate Mini-Game, Lemegeton, and EVE.  With Hellgate’s demise, those queries will probably go away in 2009, we’ll see.

I’m going to do a seperate post on my 2009 predictions, plans, and wishes, so stay tuned and get ready for the wild ride that 2009 is shaping up to be!

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