FlightSimX and Tileproxy

Ok, I saw a video the other day of someone using Flight Simulator X and an add-on called Tileproxy that simply blew me away.  So much so I went out and bought FSX and downloaded Tileproxy just to see it for myself.  And I wasn’t disappointed – Simply Awesome! 

I’m not much for flight sims, but WOW! Tileproxy makes it so incredibly cool, I practically wet myself!  LOL!  After using it, I made another purchase of FRAPS, although my machine seems to be choking with all of that running at the same time, so my FRAPS movies kind of suck – maybe I’ll figure it out over the weekend.

Anywho, here’s a link to the page that got me spending near $100 total in the past couple days (FSX-Deluxe, FRAPS, Joystick – and I now need to buy a couple of HUGE hard-drives to save all the cached scenery and to make movies with – OY, that’ll be another $4-500 for a couple 500G drives)


And if you want to try it out, his tutorial is awesome:


Hope ya’ like it – I’m gonna go fly some more – c’ya ’round!


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