GW2 – BW2 (…plus some random thoughts)

So it’s been a week since Guild Wars 2’s second “Beta Weekend Event.”  I haven’t written about it because my observations didn’t really change much since the first BWE.  The only things I didn’t like were the changes to the trait system (where you used to be able to pick any trait you could afford, but now had to follow the oh so common & artificial tree structure).  And that my server became a heavily populated one, to the point that several of my friends could not join me on … Continue reading

Guild Wars 2 – Post “Open Beta Weekend” Thoughts

In a word, impressive!  Over the course of the first “open beta weekend” event, I was able to level up five characters to level 10 (and beyond in some cases).  Opening day (Friday) was a bit hairy – much lag was had by all, and it often killed many, many players who watched helplessly as their key mashing did nothing while mobs killed them off.  But by Saturday there was a patch and all seemed much better.  There were still lag spikes here and there (esp. for those with not-so-up-to-date processors). … Continue reading

A New Deck Arrived

All the way from Moscow, no less!  I actually had a total of four decks arrive today – like I said in my last post, I’m a hopeless collector!  But the really cool deck was the one from Russia!  It’s called the Kabbalistic Tarot, and I’ve seen images of it before, and just had to have it.  It’s very complex, and has many symbols and words in the margins.  I just may have to learn Russian/Cyrillic: Again, the poker sized joker and a quarter have been included to show the … Continue reading


I’m a collector.  My parents were collectors too, so I blame them 🙂  Both my Mom and Dad collected various things; Stamps (both), Coins (Dad), Rocks (Dad), Bird Figurines (Mom), and a whole bunch of other stuff – on the edge of “hoarder” magnitude, but far enough from the edge to be considered sane – hehe. Me? I’m also a mass collector – I have many diverse collections; Kachinas, Tarot Cards, Books, Space Ship Models, etc.  Again, just this side of sanity 🙂   Currently, my book collection is by far … Continue reading

SWTOR Crafting

I’m posting this because whenever I try to look this up I keep getting a very colorful, yet nearly useless image trying to show what crafts require which skill.  There is a nice, simple table format for it out there somewhere that I’ve only found once, but I have since never been able find it, so I’m making my own. Unfortunately, WP doesn’t have a simple way to insert a table, so I’m going to have to use a list. The order is: Craft + Gathering Skill + Mission Skill Armortech + Scavenging + … Continue reading