Camelot! Camelot! (it’s only an MMO..)

Well, we’re back in Camelot.  There’s a lot of talk in our guild about Hellgate London though, so we’re probably only good until Halloween. So I re-upped my two accounts in DAoC and am messing around with my lvl-40+ Scout/Heretic duo and a couple Thidranki level toons as well – a Mercenary and a Minstrel.  “Back in the day,” I had a level 50 minstrel, so he’s pretty familiar to play. I’ve played quite a few toons to 50 in Albion, one of these days I’m really going to have to investigate … Continue reading

Why “Lemegeton”

Maybe that’s best answered as a “what” question. Lemegeton is an old 17th century grimoire also known as a “The Lesser Key of Solomon.” I first became acquainted with this book back in the late 1980’s when I was still floundering about with New Agey stuff. I remember someone from one of the BBS’es I subscribed to getting very excited when he received his copies of the Lesser and Greater Keys of Solomon – he couldn’t wait to go evoke some spirits.  Now you have to remember, back then these books had been … Continue reading

The Maelstrom of Mining

In EVE Online I finally bought Markosias a Maelstrom battleship (and there was much rejoicing!).  It’s a very cool looking ship – I’ve included screenshots on the “Screenshots” page (imagine that). I think it was last week sometime that I bought Orobas his Retriever, I still need to take some screenies of that. I’ve also got Markosias trained up a bit as a Mining Foreman, so that is helping quite a bit as well.  He hangs out with Orobas in his Maelstrom, which is currently decked out as a mining ship, until the … Continue reading

Alt-O-Holics Anonymous

I’ve fallen into the  “Alt-Zone” once again. This time in Oblivion.  After playing my Argonian, and really liking some of his special racial abilities (namely speed, virtual immunity to poison and disease, and the ability to breath under water – esp. helpful for one of the mage guild quests), I was curious what the Khajit might have to offer.  I also wanted to see if I couldn’t really stick with a melee style character this time. Now some (a lot) of folks would groan loadly that I made a Khajit … Continue reading

Into Oblivion…again…

Well I’ve been game jumping a lot this summer and I really haven’t found anything to hold my attention for longer than a couple weeks or so.  I had been playing EVE Online for most of August – dual accounts no less, but I had a couple of long trains going and got really bored just mining to kill the time. So I re-loaded Oblivion on my PC after reading an interesting blog somewhere where a player was pursuing Necromancy. At first I loaded Oblivion on my laptop and started … Continue reading