SWTOR Crafting

I’m posting this because whenever I try to look this up I keep getting a very colorful, yet nearly useless image trying to show what crafts require which skill.  There is a nice, simple table format for it out there somewhere that I’ve only found once, but I have since never been able find it, so I’m making my own. Unfortunately, WP doesn’t have a simple way to insert a table, so I’m going to have to use a list.

The order is: Craft + Gathering Skill + Mission Skill

  • Armortech + Scavenging + Underworld Trading
  • Armstech + Scavenging + Investigation
  • Artifice + Archaeology + Treasure Hunting
  • Synthweaving + Archaeology + Underworld Trading
  • Cybertech + Scavenging + Underworld Trading
  • Biochem + Bioanalysis + Diplomacy

Note that Slicing is not included, since it isn’t used for any of the “crafts” in SWTOR – it’s mainly there for those that don’t want to craft stuff, but still want to pick up stuff out in the wild that can be sold off for credits.


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