2009 Plans & Predictions

I’ve got quite a few plans for 2009, I just hope I can find the time to actually get some of them complete!  For the blog, I just hope to keep it going in its informal format and content. I’ve got a few drafts sitting around, so I hope to get those completed and posted as well.  I’d also like to focus a little more on some “how to” style posts, but they’re quite a bit more involved in the planning and writing than my usual “stream of consciousness” style posts. I’d like to make a few different mast-head pics as well. I’d like to make one for each of the MMO’s I play, and maybe one that’s a conglomerate of all of them.  And since so many hits are coming in on search engine queries about the Lemegeton, I think I might start posting more occult related subjects – we’ll see.

In gaming, I don’t really see anything new on the MMO horizon, so I’ll probably just keep revolving through my “old stand-by’s” like EVE, WAR, Wiz101, LotRO, CoH, and maybe even some old school DAoC. The only other games out there that have piqued my interest are the new Diablo and Starcraft. 

As for personal projects, I’m really hoping to make some progress with my writing and design work on Templars of Ra. A literary and gaming universe I’ve been slowly working on and accreting a ton of info that now really needs to be organized into a cohesive, meaningful whole. I’m also hoping to start digitizing some genealogy, family history, photos, music, etc.  I’d also like to do some serious work building mods for games – esp. using the TES tools or NWN tools. In addition, I’d like to do total redesigns on my web domains. They’re quite awful right now, but since that’s what I usually do at work I’m not really in the mood to do more web-design when I get home.

If things go fabulously well in the money department, I’d love to move back into a real house instead of living in this apartment and I’d also like to build myself a new gaming platform.  But I’d pretty much have to win the lottery or something similar, ‘cuz right now I’m just not seeing that kind of money making it into my bank account – at least not this year. I hope your 2009 shapes up to be a great year! Enjoy!

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