EVE revisited

I’ve been back in EVE online for a few days now and I’m starting to remember why I left last Fall.  Mining is oh-so-boring, and I don’t really have the skillz to do decent mission running – AND while CCP gives you the illusion of having multiple characters, you can’t actually DO anything with those extra character slots because you can only have one character in training at a time – GRR!  Reminding me why, way back when, I accused CCP of highway robbery  – here they are charging their customers ultra-premium prices ($15/mo) and you only get to play one character, that trains in real-time – so if something takes a month to train (like many of the upper tier skills do) you’re kinda screwed, you may as well log out and play LotRO for a month while your EVE character “levels up.”  B-O-R-I-N-G ! ! !

I can’t believe another MMO publisher/game house hasn’t just copied the EVE model, slapped a decent user-friendly interface on it, actually allow multiple characters to play the game, and maybe even allow one or two skills to be in the training queue and call it “$millions made easy.”  ‘Cuz believe me, that’s all it would take for peeps like me, and a host of other folks that were mildly-moderately interested in EVE to get out of it.  The only ones that wouldn’t “convert” would be the mega-hard-core fanboys, of which there’s probably less than 100.

  Welp, I just had to get that off my chest.  Back to LotRO for a bit while I wait for my Hulk training to complete – sometime next month, I think…


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