Goodbye EVE… Again…

Well I’ve decided to axe my two EVE accounts, again.  It’s just not fulfilling enough to keep me hooked for very long.  One thing they could easily change that would keep me playing for much, much longer each time I re-subscribe would be to allow alts.  No, I mean really allow them – so they can train and actually contribute to their comrades, not the little, near useless errand runner things they are now. And, to allow more of them.  Three characters per account is stingy in the extreme for today’s market where 5 is the usual minimum and 10 is more the norm.

The big kicker this time, again – like last time, was my inability to use my alts for anything other than a pretty portrait.  I really want to like EVE, actually I do like EVE, but the few game mechanics that are poor are so extremely poor that it’s a deal breaker for me.  

One thing I think is really funny is how advanced people pretend EVE is.  CCP has done everything in their power to minimize network traffic – you hardly ever run into anyone else. There are virtually NO animations.  Most of the “awesome” graphics are pure skybox – you can duplicate that effect using old Unreal Tournament engines. I mean really – it’s quite a primitive game.  What makes it cool is the game play mechanics – but like I said there are a few errors there that just make the game unbearably boring, or uninteresting to play (for me) since you cannot just log in your mission runner when you get bored with mining – unless of course you’ve caved in to CCP’s multiple account mantra “buy another account, OR ELSE SUFFER!”  –  which realistically is the only way you’re going to experience more than one of the game professions (Miner, Military, Marketeer, Industry, etc.).

I wouldn’t go off so much on EVE if it wasn’t SO CLOSE to being a great game.  Even though it’s simplistic and the graphics ARE sub-par, with just a couple changes it could be AWESOME!  Even just the simple change of letting alts be useful (concurrent training) and increasing the number from three to say… five, would probably hook me back into the game for at least another year, maybe even longer – with dual accounts no less; instead of the 2-3 month stints I make now about once a year that just end up ticking me off.

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