Camelot! Camelot! (it’s only an MMO..)

Well, we’re back in Camelot.  There’s a lot of talk in our guild about Hellgate London though, so we’re probably only good until Halloween. So I re-upped my two accounts in DAoC and am messing around with my lvl-40+ Scout/Heretic duo and a couple Thidranki level toons as well – a Mercenary and a Minstrel.  “Back in the day,” I had a level 50 minstrel, so he’s pretty familiar to play. I’ve played quite a few toons to 50 in Albion, one of these days I’m really going to have to investigate Hibernia and Midgard.  I’ve played over there, of course – but I think my max level toons there were in their 30’s.

Anyway, it’s kind of fun to be back in familiar territory.  A lot of things have changed, even since I last was active about a year or so ago.  The keep layouts have all changed and some of the towers as well. Some of the Battlegrounds (Leirvik in particular) have had their maps adjusted a bit too. I’m really liking my Scout, and my Minstrel seems to be much hardier than my original one from years ago.

We’re playing on the “Classic” servers of course.  Mainly to avoid all the twinking Atlantis gear and “buff-bot-O-Rama” as well.  That may also have something to do with my characters seeming to do much better in PvP than I’m used to. 

One thing I thought odd about seeing other peeps dual-boxing was how many folks just played their “main” with a tag-a-long buff/heal-bot.  I like to make viable pairs that are both fun to play.  The game isn’t so tough that you can’t control two characters at once.  Some of my favorite duos have been: Staff-Friar/Smite-Cleric, Bow-Scout/Rejuve-Heretic, Dual-Wield Mercenary/Songs-Minstrel, Spirit-Cabalist/Mind-Sorcerer, and Sword-N-Board Paladin/Two-Handed Paladin.  

I don’t dual-box when I’m PvP’ing though – that does take too much concentration, and it’s best to just concentrate on what you and your group-mates are doing without having to worry about that extra toon.

In other new, it’s “Balloon Fiesta” here in Albuquerque, so that means we’ve got tons of tourists in town.  Later in the week my folks will be dropping in to visit for the first time in many years – although I’ve been up to their house many times, so it’s not like we haven’t been visiting – hehe.  I’ve still got a lot of yard work and house work to get done hopefully before they arrive.  Oy!  Nothing like a visit from the parents to whip a household into shape, LOL!   

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