Super Busy!

Ok, sorry for not posting for nearly a month, but I’ve been busy trying to re-do my website and set up a new YouTube account, trying to get more translation done on the Grand Lenormand, and of course the regular day-to-day stuff, like work ūüėõ Anyways, I hope to have this blog moved over to my permanent domain/website sometime this week, and shortly after that I should have my next segment in the Grand Lenormand translation completed (the first four cards from the suit of Hearts). I’ve also been very … Continue reading

My “Microstock” (Mis)Adventure Begins

So last Thursday I submitted my first application to one of those photography microstock¬†companies, iStockphoto.¬† I passed the written test easily, but they wanted three sample images to look over before being accepted.¬† I hadn’t really gone through my hundreds (thousands?) of images yet to ID photos that might be “stock-like.”¬† So I found what I could on such short notice and submitted a photo of an old stone “pioneer” shed at my parents’ home, built back in the 1880’s – which isn’t that long ago for some areas, but … Continue reading

Photographic Seeing

This is just a note to myself to capture the photographic¬†subjects that were assigned many (MANY) years ago when I took an architectural “Photographic Seeing” course at the University of Utah back in the early 1990s. Rule of Thirds, Point of View,¬† & Framing –¬†artistic composition Lines: Rectilinear/Curvilinear, Actual/Implied Shallow vs. Deep Depth of Field (f-stops) Short vs. Long Exposure (no flash – shutter speed) Monotone & Chromatic Light (no flash) – Front, Back, Side, Warm/Cold, Diffuse/Harsh Texture¬†(Smooth vs. Rough) Flash Photography Photo Essay consisting of 12 related photos (Final … Continue reading

Digital ICE – so so performance

I’ve been using the new scanner intensively the past week or so.¬† For the most part it has been great, but when it fails, it fails big time on the “Digital ICE” feature that is supposed to clean up old, possibly damaged photos, slides, negatives, etc.¬† Besides the problems with ultra rocky settings, it also seems to do odd stuff when there are a lot of leafy trees or rippled water shots.¬† It just over smooths those things and turns them into blocky, artifact filled pictures, which is unfortunate.¬† Of … Continue reading

Family Archive Project

I’ve been pretty busy laying the groundwork for this project. The photo scanner is scheduled to arrive early next week, and I’d like to have a process of some kind worked out by that time to get the photos/slides scanned, tweaked if needed, and uploaded to the web-host with supporting data added to a database of some kind. So I’ve been working on the web backend that will include the photo loader and data entry forms.¬† I’ve also created a database with a few tables to support the data that … Continue reading