Network UP

I found a router that also had wireless, so I now have 3 systems online; my webserver, my laptop (via wireless), and my gaming machine.  Although I don’t have sound on my gaming system yet because I haven’t unpacked my speakers yet. I think that box is buried under some other stuff, but at least I think I know where it is, so that will be tonight’s project.

My provider here is the cable company, whereas in NM I had DSL.  One thing I’ve noticed is that DSL was “always on” continuously.  I never had problems serving data streams or anything, BUT apparently cable will knock you off if your modem is idle for 5mins or so.  SO in order to keep my music server streaming without getting “offline” errors I had to download a dumb “keep alive” app that continually pings the ‘net so the cable company doesn’t put me on “time out,”  annoying…

Not much else to report other than I’m starving ‘cuz I haven’t had breakfast or lunch today, so I’m off to explore the local pizzaria just down the street that’s supposed to be the “best in town,” I’ll let ya’ know…


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