Between holidays

I made it back home from my Christmas excursion up to Utah.  It was very cold up there, and arriving the day after a large snowstorm – it was quite the winter wonderland as well.  So it was a great setting for Christmas revelry.

Some of the best stuff I got in my Christmas haul were some new coats from my Mom, a very cool Egyptian themed “oracle deck”  plus all kinds of reagents and “smell goods” (a whole basket full!) from one sister, and some comfy new slippers (with soles so I can get the mail)  from my other sister. For myself, I got Windows 7, which I have liked quite a bit so far.  Although I hate when they move menu items or rename/hide control panels.  So I’m busy re-learning where MS has moved or renamed everything is the biggest hurdle. But at least it hasn’t crashed nor locked up my machine…yet… 😛

I didn’t do any gaming while away except for a couple of very brief logins to EVE to keep my training on track.  I’ll probably be gaming a lot more over the New Year’s holiday. I’m even thinking about re-sub’ing to Warhammer, we’ll see.  If I do that, I’ll have to cancel LOTRO, but I haven’t really been able to get back into that over the last month or so anyways, so no big loss there. 

I also started getting nostalgic for some of my old favorites. If DAoC’s “classic” servers were truly “classic” with the “old frontiers,” I’d probably go back there in a heart beat. I also find myself wishing for a re-vamp of AC2 with LOTRO-like graphics/terrain-architecture/NPC mechanics.  I wouldn’t change the PC mechanics much at all, just the setting/story-line needed quite a lot of work (was there even a story line?).

I hope everything is going well in your sphere and that the New Year brings you much comfort and joy – Enjoy!

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