The Maelstrom of Mining

In EVE Online I finally bought Markosias a Maelstrom battleship (and there was much rejoicing!).  It’s a very cool looking ship – I’ve included screenshots on the “Screenshots” page (imagine that). I think it was last week sometime that I bought Orobas his Retriever, I still need to take some screenies of that.

I’ve also got Markosias trained up a bit as a Mining Foreman, so that is helping quite a bit as well.  He hangs out with Orobas in his Maelstrom, which is currently decked out as a mining ship, until the ‘roid belt is pretty much mined out.  Then he returns to base and exchanges into the Mammoth to begin shuttling the ore back while Orobas gets into position for the next set of ‘roids.

It’s been working out pretty well so far – I’m still doing “high sec” Kernite mining, so drones are able to take out all of the rats without any problems.  I do “web” them when they get in close, and I used to carry some missile batteries on Marko’s ship, but the rats were usually dead before the first volley could fire.   So now he’s a full time mining battleship – 7 Miner II’s and one tractor beam to keep his jetcan in tow, LOL. In the mids I’ve got a webifier, some shield extenders, 100MN AB II, and cap-recharger II’s. In the lows he’s got 2 Mining Upgrades and maybe some Co-Processors (I can’t remember for sure). I may lose the AB as I don’t really need it for mining ops, but it does come in handy sometimes – the Maelstrom is extremely slow without an AB or MWD.

Anyways, I’ll probably keep mining for awhile to rebuild my bank account a bit. I’ve also got some long level-5 training  targets I’d like to get, so that will take awhile.  Mainly I want to get Drones 5, Foreman 5, Electronics 5, and Engineering 5 on both Marko and Orobas.  One or the other already has some of those, but they don’t both have that level of training. I think they’re both only at Drones 4 though, so that’s kind of bad, and after that I need to get them working on Drone Interfacing.   I think I’m going to need that as I move into lower security belts.

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