Moved and Mostly Settled

The move went off without too many hitches a couple weeks ago.  We did have one mishap, I left my diabetic cat’s insulin in the fridge, but I was able to procure another bottle at my destination so it wasn’t a huge emergency.  She did have an ‘accident’ on the drive though, so the last hour of the four hour drive wasn’t pleasant for either one of us 🙁   For those not ‘in-the-know,’ diabetes makes cats (and humans) ‘flood the litter-box’ when their blood sugar is high.  But one high glucose day is much safer than an few minutes of low-blood sugar, which can kill you.

The new job has also been a pleasant experience.  I’m a High School ‘Facilitator’ for college courses that are streamed to the HS classroom.  The classes this semester are; US Govt, Psychology, and Mythology.  The first week has been great, and since these are actual college courses for college credit, the students are a bit more studious and generally well behaved.

My internet connection is definitely slower and not as robust as what I’m used to, but if I’m able to start offering my ‘Continuing Ed’ classes in the evening to procure some extra cash, I may try to get a better/faster provider.  We’ll see how that goes.  I will be meeting with the local college DCE coordinator later this week – wish me luck! 🙂

I hope all your endeavors are going better than expected, Enjoy!

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